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I tell you my emotions were all over the place and I enjoyed every bit of it.  Although the game did have some glitches, it does have potential.  I would love the see the story develop a bit more in the upcoming chapters.  I def can't wait to see whats next!!  Below is my gameplay.  Oh yeah keep that beat going in the beginning it was a BANGER for sure.  Below is my gameplay.


Whew lawd this game was something else, I def enjoyed it.  It was funny and insane at the gameplay is down below.

This game was a fun one!!  My gameplay is down below.

Whew lawd some of those jumpscares caught me all the way off guard lol.  I am excited for the full game, below is my gameplay.

Lawd lawd lawdddddd this game had me on edge the entire time.  I can't wait for the full version!!  Below is my gameplay.

Whew lawd the jumpscares had me about to pass out smh.  I enjoyed the game it def kept me on edge! My gameplay is down below.

This was a fun game...but I will say those fireworks almost took all of my attention lol.  My gameplay is down below

Whew lawd these Dolls had me hollering and screaming!!  I am definitely looking forward to the full release.  Here is my gameplay 

Whew lawd this game had me shook lolol.  I enjoyed it so much and I am looking forward to your next project.  Here is my gameplay 

This was an wonderful  game!!!  I played it on stream and myself and  my community loved it!  We can't wait for the next episode to drop because I will def be playing it on stream!!

I enjoyed this game!  It def caught me off guard lol.  Below is my gameplay

This was a fun game!  I didn't expect Meatly to be that fast lol.

I have always loved Emika's HorrorGames and this one whew lawd had me screaming so much smh!!  Keep them coming!!!

This was a fun game and Jason was INSANE lolol 

This was a fun game!!  I enjoyed playing it.  My gameplay starts at 2:25!  

Absolutely I had a blast playing it!!  I can't wait to play Tall Poppy 2!!!!

This was the funniest horror game I have played this year, I really enjoyed it!!

My gawd the girl and the boy scared me so bad smh!!!

Lawd i needed to drink some coffee after I played this game lol

I love all of the episodes that have come out so far, and I really enjoyed this one!!

I am excited for the full version of this game!!!

I screamed so loud playing this game smh!!!  I can't wait to play more of your games!!!  

Whew lawdddd this game had me screaming and I loved every bit of it!!!