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What a beautiful game. Fun gameplay and beautiful artwork. Really enjoyed playing this. 

I got this game with the "Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid" and it's the first I'm trying.
 This is a very adorable little game, perfect for just some mindless time killing. It's the type of game where I get lost in the simplicity for hours, with only the barest hint of stress surfacing anytime winter comes around and food is becoming sparse and the faries start leave town. All is well that ends well, though.


Until you find "The Door"
 Dig deep enough into the ground and you'll find this adorable little door. I'm not sure, if there is more than one, I've only found the one so far and it has slightly traumatized me.
I click on it, all excited, thinking of the possibility of a new map or something that might resque my starving faries.
Instead I am faced with a completely different game, that destroyed every bit of calm I had acumulated the past 2 hours. Apparently it's called "Frog Fractions 2". Not my type of game. But okay. I'll just ignore it's existence, when I play. 

Otherwise a beautiful, adorable game.