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So excited for this game. Love the decision to have Story Mode and Detective Mode, the Common Route skip (thank you for quality of life features), and the fact MC can thrive as a single woman. I came here for a romance game but I also love reincarnated-as-villainess stories and representation of people who are single and happy or even straight-up aromantic! And thank you for the skip for spicy scenes—it lets people who like that see it, while still leaving the game accessible for people who find certain sexual things triggering (or just flat-out boring).

Love Touhou, love rabbits. Can’t wait to try this.

she has a bunny!!! i am ecstatic

local asexual otome lover says thank you for the asexual representation

I love the premise.

The graphics remind me a lot of Baba Is You

adorable bunnies 10/10 would play again