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The full release of this is gonna be great. The battle theme is super catchy (just wished it looped properly), the Haremons that I came across so far are full of cliche personality types which ain't bad at all, and you feel for them, unlike many other monster-collector/battlers out there. Overall, fun stuff. Gonna tune in monthly to see the progression of this game.

EDIT: Only gripe is its snail-paced battles. Hoping that a future update turbo-charges these drawn out battles, especially considering the possibility for grinding out items and such.

Crush Crush is LIFE, so addictive. Playing it on Nutaku. Just wanted to point out that there is a Defend command, it's in Tactics menu, along with Scent (Scan). I agree, fights can take forever, and i wish there was a way to auto-fast forward the ATB guage.

An emotional tale about mice and "gods", revenge and all that good stuff? SOLD! And only 9 days left to back on Kickstarter (as of this comment)... Have you posted this on Reddit as well as on Imgur? I really want this game to be made!!

Made an account just to post this comment: LOVED IT! The humor, the story, the gameplay. It's a bunch of my favorite genres mashed into one fun lil game, and I can't wait for the full release to play this game