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Very fair and smart AI

Cool game 10/10

thank you for Sound control quality of life

please cap frame rate...

Ayo why the logo look like the soviet logo

but cool game regardless 10/10

How do I have access to play the game? I found out through you liking my post on twitter :o 

I'm genuinely interested! I may have that type of disorder maybe it'll finally resolve what strife I've been facing and never had a word to dub it as.

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There's writing issue regarding the neutral path where you:


If you take the path to erase your memories
then Marsha is level 1 but in hexer kill scene
she mysteriously knows how to use Fireball despite never learned it.

Just something to keep in mind - i guess it's an overlooked part?

ohhhhhhhhhhh, I guess I had to leave one more map down to reset the doors.

Another soft-lock:

ocarina of summoning in an area with 0 monsters the game freezes lol

There's a potential story soft-lock with the infirmary kid, if you walk into infirmary then out you can't walk back in even if you haven't seen the cutscene. I talked to headmaster and couldnt get back  in

good to know thanks!!

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I've been frantically searching for these potion dispensing barrels after leaving that area haha - playing the game on challenge mode. It's a really good game! great concept i dig it I'll review 5 stars once I'm done

There's a barrel with a potion dispenser next to the barn. You might want to add a self switch there. lol or was that intentional?  it's a nice game so far.

I felt I should leave my review here too as it deserves it:


I really really really - enjoyed this game. From start to finish. I did not expect it to be a collect them all type of game. It was a delight. The story was good too despite how it was a sandbox. Thank you for adding multiple flavour text depending on if you married+divorced an object.

I would buy the soundtrack as well! It's really well done. I wish there was a way to turn off the BG like that touhou player said - and a bright dot for my player character helps too. idk how big my hitbox was

If the pink dog dies it doesnt have a 'knocked out' sprite.

The game felt needlessly long before fighting a boss. Remember, less is more. 

I can't imagine how much play testing you did just playing the first stage it's a little frustrating.

I think it's a really good concept. It was fun I spent a lot of time on this game. I only stopped when it gave me a turn limit.

The colours could use some work is my only suggestion. It's hard to look at and the unskippable cutscene intro was deemed unnecessary. Overall 4 stars

I want to enjoy this game but it's very frustrating to get past the first chapter. I've beaten getting over it like 2 times so it shouldn't be that hard? The mouse controls need fixing I believe. Even on any resolution didn't help

Nat's room is 56709

And I don't think kate's room is accessible yet...