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Gab ★

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Can't wait to play this sometime!! 

I thought this was going to be a normal cute romance visual novel so I was extremely surprised at how it turned out!! I played all the endings it's all really cool :0 

Very cute

I can already tell this is going to be so good 

This is so aesthetically pleasing I LOVE IT- I played 3 times but I keep loosing unfortunately ;(( BUT GREAT GAME THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK 

LOVE THIS GAME- It's creative and funny 


I can't currently afford to buy it but I'm sure it's fantastic :0 I love the vibe and the art style !! So happy you made another game

So cute aaaa

I liked this a lot- the colours and music, the way it's written and just everything!! 

Oh and I don't know if this was intentional but I like how you use they/them pronouns on Taylor,, it feels more "including" to the player, I hope u understand what I mean T_T Either way this was so lovely thank you all for making this game!! 

I get so happy when I see trans characters in games hehe^^ And also thank u for sharing some info about top surgery, I didn't know a lot of it so it's been helpful!! In general this game was super cute~ The conversations sound so natural and the art style is really pretty,, Thank you for making this game! <3 

This was way more than I expected :0 When I realised we gotta go back in time and get different endings I was SO amazed- This is really really cool! The art and music is super cute as well.. Thank you for making this game!! 

I know I already commented here but I just finished the game and I'm CRYING this was so cute and sweet I can't praise it enough! I don't think I ever liked a game so much, I'm so so thankful for everyone who made this, seriously wow 

Oh dear I expected this to be innocent but I'm definitely not complaining~ I haven't finished the game yet but I can already say I LOVE it so far- The art is literally so cute, my heart can't take this <333 T_T 

I liked this game! It gives a special feeling 

I like this game a lot, thank you for your work !! ^^ 

I really love this T_T It was very cute and fun to see the roles "reversed" !! And in general the art and music was very nice! Thank you ^^ 

I liked this game it's simple and fun!! ^_^

This was really cute I like it a lot ^^

This was really funny hegvdfhaejcxashdmb  

I enjoyed this game! All of your games seems to greatly comfort me in general^^ 

I loved it so much it's really cute and just- comforting? The actives were fun and SPOILER: It's cool how much transgender content you post, it's really nice to see as a trans person hehe~ I will continue supporting your work (since all of it is so cool) and if I can I want to donate too! Thank you :))