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just finished playing the Scrap Story demo, it was great! The game really captures the same kind of vibe that the old Paper Mario games used to have, but also feels very fresh and original at the same time. The controls and UI felt really good and intuitive, and to say the game looks gorgeous is an understatement!

I did have a few small problems with the game though. The thing that bugged me the most was the places that I would respawn after falling off of a cliff. For example, in the second area with the hidden switches and the cool opossum friend, falling off anywhere before the bridge brings you back to the very start of the room, and walking back to where I was became a little irritating. It was also somewhat hard to see where the cliffs were in some spots due to bushes or grass blocking the view. I think putting invisible walls in these places could help, or making the objects near the cliffs transparent when the player approaches so that they can see where exactly the cliff is.

The other issues I had were just a few bugs. When walking to the platform with the orange on it, I found myself getting stuck on and having to jump over some sort of invisible object in between the bridge and the platform that the orange is on. There was also a part where I fell a long distance downwards and decided to use the paper airplane to fly around a bit, but once I landed the camera was at a weird angle that caused it to clip into the ground, and it stayed like this until I left the room. There were also a few areas with objects like trees that seemed like they should be solid but allowed me to walk through them. That's all the problems I encountered on my play through.

I should probably clue this comment up now, as it's turning into more of an essay at this point lol. Last thing I want to say is how excited I am for the full game. The visuals, music, character designs, dialogue, and controls are all spectacular and left me wanting more. This demo leaves pretty much no doubt in my mind that the final game will be stellar. 

Keep up the fantastic work, I can't wait to learn more about Scrap Story :)