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Dude, this was so fun to play. The "Hold" buttons tend to glitch out, though, and the actual game doesn't fit the screen the right way. I enjoyed playing this, either way.

I played the demo and this game sucks you in. Normally, if I take a break to eat like I did in the middle of playing this game, I lose interest, but this one constantly had my attention. The actual fighting mechanics are cool (and this is coming from someone who sucks at fighting in these types of games), and the storyline has me hooked. Plus, the visuals are amazing- even within the first couple of minutes!

Ah, wrong hole! There's a hole at the top left!

This game made me so happy, yet even made me heartbroken. The first time I saw May I was smiling so much, and when what happened to her happened, I nearly cried. I got super attached to her that by the next playthrough of the game, I was determined to help her! 

(Also, the music was absolutely amazing, the art was simply fantastic, and I wanted to listen to May's voice for forever! (Also, the memes were current and so were the text patterns. Many games screw up on that, but somehow you didn't. Good work!))

Excuse me, sorry for the reply, but please calm down?

This game may not be an accurate representation on the depression you've encountered, but that's only you. Please understand that everyone goes through different experiences in life!

Second, what the main character wears should not affect you. That's someone else's style that you just insulted. It was an unnecessary comment to make.

Third, Angela He most likely didn't mean to "fetishize" depression and suicide. That also is an incorrect assumption on your part.

Thank you for reading!