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well, theres still no maze... but I changed the name!

it'll uh, in time you know... before the showcase there will be a maze!!!!

I just read about magna saves, I didn't even know they existed!  That's a really good idea!  There def needs to be something that keeps your multi going


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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. Audio engineering is def lagging a bit haha :) .  It is possible you couldn't progress, and in case you do want to return someday - I (literally just now) uploaded a new version that does have an ending. 

cool!, I'll try to get a new windows build out in the next couple days!

dang! I donnow if it will help, but here is what Unity says : 

It does take a while to load sometimes!  It's kinda big for a web game, about ~100mbs.

Also, if you've got an android phone - the newest version is out here:

impeccable style - as always! 

this looks incredible 

a masterpiece

short but very sweet - well done!

very cool, I managed to not get shot!

Thanks!!! is the artist and musician

cool you had it running!  def hard to gauge audience usage

ooooo weee cant wait for that netplay

thanks! Mat ( the artist ) and I had an orig plan to have different phones as weapons.  Rotary, flip, modern - but the pink rotary phone was the favorite by far!

great cruiser

I got 4608 !

pretty cool man! love the style and the drama!  did not totally understand the food plot, but I still had a good time with the dialog : )

looks like we made it through friday 13th! 

here's a video ( Mat made ):

... hard part now is figuring out effective enough compression to get it into the game!  

10869.24 secs
62 deaths

I got to the dragon boss. I'll come back when I have more time... probably going to set the death HS

well done everyone!

haha yah, I wasn't able to finish the level transitions ( or levels ) and rotation is kinda broken.  So you have to be facing the big face ( or directly opposite ) to fire straight.... pretty much have to restart if you get forced in that direction.  Thanks for playing!