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The current demo version is a pre-alpha version that only shows of the movement & fighting system. The next demo will let you freely move around!

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Thanks for making a video about Dungeons of Tal'Doria. I really enjoyed to watch it :)

Thanks :) will be much better, when we're releasing other systems, too!

Thanks for your feedback! There are a lot of people, who want it a bit faster, so this will definetly be a thing in the next alpha version. Animations will be improved later on, too!

Oh and just a sidenote: The equipment & drop system is already finished. It definitely makes more fun, when you get drops for killing enemies and get stronger by that. :)

We already have talked via mail. :)

But for everyone else read this: We really love to watch videos/streams of you playing Tal'Doria! Let us know whenever you plan to stream or link us to your recorded videos. Of course it would help viewers a lot, when you make sure that this is just a test-alpha and we are only testing a limited set of features in those alpha tests.

Thanks for your feedback! The focus in the first version was on movement & combat, so we have deactivated the progression system for now. The next version will have it activated, though! :)

We have gathered a lot of feedback on the movement & combat system and finally came to a point where we and many people like it. So dungeon exploration, getting loot etc. is the next big step. It still will take a month or two.

You can use our mail form at to contact us!

We are trying our best :)

If you want to play with your friends, for now you need to open the Port 27272 UDP on the server-side. If you want to play alone, you can just start by pressing PLAY :)

We're working on integrating a better way to connect with other players. Especially a 'Join any server' button, so even if you have not friends, you will be able to test the multiplayer.

Hey! Could you please send us the "output_log.txt" from the "TalDoria_Data"-Folder? Please send this file to support(at)

Thank you! :)

Thanks :)

It is only the wave mode now. We're looking for feedback about the movement & fighting system. In a few weeks there will be a version with an open world, where you are able to explore dungeons :)

We've added a 32-bit version to download! :)