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One question, does this come with a steam key as well?

Aw yes this so great, and I love how you written protag and the story!! Also bonus for options hooray! The art is lovely, I love the inclusion of their different styles too- that was a nice touch! (and thanks for giving me flashbacks for my art classes that ignited my flight or fight response yay :) )

I just wanna say this vn is goddamn beautiful and something I didn't even think would be so amazing and what I needed to experience in my life! And kids, they were kids! How they were written and the choices, I didn't think it would bring me back and actually make me remember more bits of how I was as a child. Don't even get me started on the teen years... I be looking forward to more silly things that can get "cringy" by us looking back if that's included in the game as time goes on- (here I am acting like I'm *so* old... just let the kids do what they want as long it isn't harmful, many things are new to them) Anyways, I'm so happy to get to play through a demo though! I'm so excited and pumped for the release!! I need those dlc's while I'm at it. Thank you.

Aahh this was so sweet! (Also I love the style so soo much)