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Sundae Month

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Hmm. That sounds like a notarization issue! We'll see if we can get the macOS app notarized properly and if it fixes the issue. Thank you!

Sorry that you are having trouble with this! We will check it out tomorrow when we're back in the office and see if there's an issue with the build.

Hi! This should be sorted out now? Let us know if you get rejected again.

Thank you for supporting us!

Coming tomorrow !

Yes, there are a lot of other ways to interact with the dogs! Pet them, feed them, play with a variety of different toys. There's even a violin you can use to play them a sad sad song with.

Hi! We haven't announced the release date just yet, but we've been making a lot of exciting progress on the game :)

Thank you! Unfortunately it's a little challenging as most of these little prototypes are fairly old. We'll keep this in mind though :)

Ah! Thank you so much!

Sorry for the late reply! We just checked the client and everything looks to be in order. Not sure what was going on but hopefully your issue was resolved!

wow i wasnt expecting to spend my whole evening on this lol

<3 love you!