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yes the final game I aim to release on steam as well as here :) 

Thank you! And there will be mature scenes, however not exactly “animated”. Maybe we can do that after we finish the final game ? 

Yes! We plan to release the final game on steam. For now, all demos will be released here on itchio

I saw ! Idk what happened... since I had it uploaded? But either way I uploaded a newer version! And there’s the windows ver c: 

EEP! I’m so sorry I just saw this! But I just released an update! Hopefully this makes up for the long silence ! ;;;

Updates have been slow but please be patient ;w; I'll be posting a HUGE update on the 23rd. So just wait a little bit more. 

It hasss. It totally blows but I've got a HUGE update coming soon. Just be a patient for a little while longer. Thanks so much <3

Thank you! :D And don't worry... SOON!!!

Haha thank you and we are releasing the full game on September 7th !

Yep! We made the update on the first XD. Release date is Sept 7 !

Haha yeah ! There’s a reason for it ! There won’t be updates this month or the next. So in May we will make an update and let everyone know about the status of the game and give an actual release date :3 so look out for it in May! 


LOL! ikrsorrynotsorry. Thank you! Glad you liked it <3

Due to the success of our kickstarter we are currently working on the full game. Any demo updates will come much later. Updates are currently limited as we are working on script and code. Once we have more artwork and music we will have more to show! Promiseeee! <3

This. is beautiful 10/10 would fuck again

Yes!!! XDD even though its a demo we wanted to show that there's another possible endin

Thank you! <3

Thank you so much! <3

That's what I was forgetting! Totally forgot to put the "Yuri" tag! xD  Haha I moved the update to tomorrow mostly because it was convenient since we are launching the kickstarter that day (andbecauseIwasstilltryingtofigureouthowtoevenchangethenumberwhenit'supdated) thank you for the advice!!! <3

Thank you so much! We are actually launching the Kickstarter tomorrow!

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you!! <3

;) I see u

Thank you! xD Everyone loving Cho

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same xD


Hey! LOL Thank youu! 

Ah I gotcha maybe I should add a sprite for the protagonist so we know what they look like maybe? Thanks for the feedback! and glad you like Eva and Abo! <3 <3