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Thank You! glad u liked it!

Thank u so much! Actually I made this in a couple of hours so, I think it could have been better if more time could be spent on it. I’ll post an update here if I have the time to take it further.

I kept pressing ESC hoping to get a pause screen or so, but instead, i passed through all the dialogue in an instant. (maybe a bug? idk)

honestly, this music introduces a new style of NES music, and proves that they can be something new and enjoyable!

basically what you’d expect from a talented music composer!

hope it wouldn’t be your last! have fun creating!

the game is super fun, but unless you are superman, you will not save these jellies for more than a round. really loved it and since you have made that after learning unity for 2 weeks. that’s amazing man! Keep up the good work!

the art style serves the game very well. it immediately caught my attention, like “I want to play this game!”. the theme was well implemented and i think merging it with a bit of a puzzle was perfect and created a very well crafted experience during the gameplay, from the beginning to the end. sound design was perfect! it could very easily change my mood during the gameplay and helped me solve the puzzle more than the puzzle sequence itself! the game doesn’t stick to one element of gamplay. puzzle, exploration, and Surprise! I mean who would think that the letter T would fall off of the sky and be the next objective! the game has a lot of potential and the designer excellently guided me through the way of the game without me even noticing it was happening.

Great work!