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Glad i could help :)

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I didnt find any,  but it was weird that keene and exit  room look the same. i need to still work through maya route and endings . I would like to add at the end of the credits wii the thanks you for playing lasts a bit to long but that may just be my taste and wabting to jump back in to it for another run.

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I really like it too bad the last route aint in yet but it is really good, i didnt know if i would like it but i found a few new kinks i have. Great game and good choice for the safeword to stop it anytime and i would mind being on the playtesters list at the end.

Ita around the end of each month so around the end of april is when i am guessing

Sounds like they are all getting a family vacation

I never playtest a game but i am willing to try it.

I wonder when the next update is coming?

i mean it could be sun

I was wonder if the walkthrough will ever be free forthis game?

It did but i had to delete my save since  i cant get one of the side quest to trigger

I miss maxy i cant wait til she come back

Where do i find the tokens for the vending machine, i got the one from jessie and siren where is the last one?

What is the max pop you can raise your restaurant?

I though it would be a fun little play but no the story drew me in and now i cant wait for the next update because pof the cliffhanger but great job and keep it up.

how to you get the harem ending?