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those renders are looking good

i think it have a full week when it releases i believe i coud be wrong

i know the first three days was on his discord to try and give him feed back not sure if it is there anymore

the only problem i seen which is on me. is the conflict finished way to fast. The story is still great tho.

No problem just leting you know

It good there is a few typos like konowing should be knowing but it is still a good game so far

I had the same problem as dan4665, i enter my name adn then i hit enter and i get the error page. I am on the pc verison

I havent played it yet but i got that feeling too

this is a happy and sad moment

Just telling how i feel about the game :)

I love your game and as so as the new update  come out I get it, and it a story that has grabbed ahold of me and the only other game to do that is My New Family, so keep up the great work. 

The only problem is could and it is nitpicking is the whip on rin is a riding crop, but that was me nitpicking and the only thing i found off so keep up the good work.

I am excitited to see her in her own game and getting to know her more.

How did you come up with penny she is my fave character?

I am enjoying the whole game and cant wait to see what else you make.

there is one more update which is the bonus story right?

checked his discord he said 9pm of this update

just change what they are to you you are ask them name them then what they are to you like a maid, just change that to mom or whatever you want

You wont lose progress

I mean it did work before the patch lucy said roommate instead of sister til i use the patch

do i need this if i already enbaled the incest?

f4 i believe

np  just helping you out with  your question

I didnt have high hopes for this game but i was very wrong glad i played it and cant wait for the next update.

its all ep 1 through 5

Do you know when the first chapter will be out for non parteon members?

Glad i could help :)

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I didnt find any,  but it was weird that keene and exit  room look the same. i need to still work through maya route and endings . I would like to add at the end of the credits wii the thanks you for playing lasts a bit to long but that may just be my taste and wabting to jump back in to it for another run.

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I really like it too bad the last route aint in yet but it is really good, i didnt know if i would like it but i found a few new kinks i have. Great game and good choice for the safeword to stop it anytime and i would mind being on the playtesters list at the end.

Ita around the end of each month so around the end of april is when i am guessing

Sounds like they are all getting a family vacation

I never playtest a game but i am willing to try it.

I wonder when the next update is coming?

i mean it could be sun

I was wonder if the walkthrough will ever be free forthis game?

It did but i had to delete my save since  i cant get one of the side quest to trigger

I miss maxy i cant wait til she come back

Where do i find the tokens for the vending machine, i got the one from jessie and siren where is the last one?

What is the max pop you can raise your restaurant?

I though it would be a fun little play but no the story drew me in and now i cant wait for the next update because pof the cliffhanger but great job and keep it up.