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I've been having some fun with this. Seems you could take it further if you wanted. I was thinking: verbs are traps and nouns are encounters but idk for sure

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Thanks for the wonderful feedback! I've been meaning to get back to this to touch it up eventually. I think your notes for improvement are spot on. 

Stress and Stun Damage

I tend to imagine Stun damage as coming from things meant more to debilitate than to injure if that makes sense? My go-to in a modern setting would be a Taser. Although it's not so simple in real life, in narratives it's generally seen as a method to stop someone moving without hurting them. Ice magic or even a net might be used to inflict Stun damage as well.

Stress damage would usually come from things like magic or in the world of Tunic Miasma would likely have some connection to Stress damage. Liminal Horror (where I got Stress damage from) has a nice breakdown of the concept here.


As far as the missing curses...I may have just forgotten to come up with any... That same link in the above paragraph goes over "Fallout" which is the Liminal Horror equivalent to a Curse, however, those are more geared toward a specific genre of urban sci-fi/fantasy horror. 

I also came up with some curses for another similar system of mine called Ouroboros and Ouroboros but those are mainly designed for that game's unique death-cycle system and I'm still not happy with them. They're the least playtested part of it.


Hope that helps and if I do find time to take another crack at this game, I'll keep all this in mind! I got Affinity Publisher recently so I might be able to take the graphic design further than Canva let me too. Let me know if you have any questions and I'd love to see anything you make in response to/for this system! Thanks again for the reply

Love the art and the concepts are really weird and fun in a scary way!

This was super cool!

i didnt notice this either!

This is cool. Any chance you could add a copy of the files formated for digital reading (with each card side as a single card with consistent rotation)?

Love this

Looks cool! How do you determine the Save value of a character?

Is the Discord channel only open to folks in Brazil or can anyone join? Also, I think the link may have expired?

This is a really cool system! Might use this for some solo play in the future.

Heads up that it looks like you've got a typo on the character sheet on page 63. Both boxes next to Dexterity and Willpower say "current" when I think the ones on the left should say "initial" just like Strength's boxes above them?

fantastic! Thanks for the heads up

Looks really cool! Any plans for a physical release?

Yes! Will do!

This is the kind of thing i need ha ha

Loved this all the way!!!

Another great entry!

Love this! What is the scale for distance?

Ooo I like the vibes of this

Another great room! Already can't wait for more!

Oh thank you so much! I'm always happy to find that something I made could bring joy to another queer person <3

Thanks! I really like making weird little slimy guys and I won't be stopping soon! I previously put out a 'Slimekin' class and even if you don't play the system it is designed for, there are some worldbuilding notes about slime-related societies and stuff! 

Makes sense! Thanks for the speedy reply :)

Is it ok if I use some icons from which are under CC BY 3.0 (obviously I would abide by the attribution portion and properly credit the source)

that raccoon is such a little guy

I have no idea how this would even work and that's what I love about it. Looks like a super interesting challenge for players and GMs!

I like the push and pull of this system, how it will naturally move from one side to the other at an irregular pace.

Ooo spooky! I'll have to try this one.

This is cool! A clever twist on the dice-drop map-making genre!

Simple and fun!

I used to choose three words ('Polish', 'Inquiry', 'television'), and here are the spells I created:

1. Divine Question (polish + inquiry) - Ask a god a question.

2. Attractive Illusion (polish + television) - Create a distracting image.

3. Eye Reading (television + inquiry) - read the thoughts of someone you make eye contact with.

Ocean based scifi is so under explored. Can't wait to try this out!

Oh you've outdone yourselves with this. Adorable and exciting! Can't wait for more!

So simple and yet so useful. I love it!!

I love this idea! Usually long distance communication in games is either all or nothing so having a procedure for it seems appropriate


Works! :D

I can't find the download button for some reason

Really enjoyed and I can't wait to see more in the digital version

Ok but this could make a good stream along the lines of Twitch Plays Pokemon where viewers could vote. Love the concept.

That rock scene really hit us all in the tear ducts