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I also noticed this same bug on the Sandbox, Experienced, and Expert difficulties as well, with the Sandbox difficulty having it occur on a different set of tiles, but in a similar location.

I just found another glitch where if you place a clay pit on a specific tile on fertile land, you can no longer put anything else on fertile land (including anything farming-related). I’ve only tested this on the Beginner difficulty, so I may need to test this out more.

This occurred on the Windows version.

Hi! I have noticed that in version 0.4.5, the upper half of the map sometimes appears grey for an unknown reason.

Hi! I noticed that if I try to run version 0.4.4C on an old laptop on a 32-bit OS (Windows 7), it gets partway through the loading process and freezes. I’m talking about it because this computer ran prior versions of this game okay (with long loading times being the only issue).

I am just starting to get the controls right! And I think the long load times might be due to older hardware (though the loading times on older hardware are drastically improved in 0.4.4).

Hi! I don’t know if this is either a bug or the controls just not being stated clearly, but I can’t seem to get the game’s controls to work. There is also long loading times, which is to be expected from an alpha release. Hope the game gets better!

Finally beat the final boss! The only other bugs I found were sound inconsistencies and the game not responding when I click a part of the screen occasionally. I can’t wait for the final release!

Hi! I really like this game (from what I’ve played so far) and it works great.  I noticed three bugs involving noticeable lag issues in Ja’gar Prison, the arrow keys sometimes being unresponsive, and clicking a place on the screen taking me in the opposite direction.  I really hope this gets a full release (just as other people in the comments section were saying). I can’t wait to see more!