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Hello! I'm currently playing through the demo, and I'm having a great time exploring all the options. The game has been incredibly fun and charming, but I've encountered... I think it's a bug? Where, after I've loaded a previous save, this thing here pops up and blocks the whole screen! I've had to start a new file to get it to disappear. I wasn't sure where else to post this, so apologies if this is the wrong place for it! I'm loving the demo so far, so starting a new file hasn't been a bad thing at all. Good luck with production, I'll be eagerly awaiting the finished game! 

Just finished the demo, and finished up the survey -- I poured a lot of praise in the survey response, but I'm going to reiterate how much I ADORE this game! It's so funny, and enjoyable, and gorgeous to look at, and I love every part of it. I'm so, so excited for the full release.  That cliffhanger was unfair!

I adore all the characters, especially the MC (her narration had me cracking up so many times), and I can't wait to see her interactions with the reindeer in the future. But I also really want her to be able to tell her moms she's ok. (Speaking of her moms: I love them too, it's such a silly thing to say, but seeing those two made me tear up. Thanks for giving her two amazing mothers <3).

Good luck with the development! I can't wait to see more!

I'm super looking forward to this game! The concept caught me interest right away, the art is incredible, the MC is hilarious and I love everyone. I enjoyed the demo so much -- good luck with production, I cannot wait for the full release of the game!!

I've just this minute finished the demo and I had to rush over here immediately to say how much I absolutely adored it. I was immediately suckered in and I've had so much fun seeing where all the different dialogue options take me and affect the surroundings.

The balance of serious and lighthearted tone is particularly well done, in my opinion. A few decisions had me getting up to pace and have a proper think about what would need to be done. I'm so looking forward to the full game, I hope to be able to donate what I can to such an amazing project. (And as a personal note, picking options that are closest to what I'd say and having my favourite suitor react positively to them is very fun.)

I'll definitely help spread the word about this game, I hope more of the stretch goals for the kickstarter can be met!