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Any chicken game is a good game

Thank you !!!!

yea funnily enough almost no extra sprites were used in the game hehe. Only squash, stretch and rotation

thank you !!

Sheeeshhh my man.

Looks slick my man. Which engine was this game made in ???

It’s fish who are wizards. 10/10 game

Yeah I agree with most of the things. I’ll try to improve them.

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My big strong demon waifu. Great game lmao. The music reminds me of crazy frog

Good grief, I’m not the only one who uses the z-key for jumping and the x-key for other things

I’m grateful for your feedback

Ha-ha, thanks

The reason is drunk 6-year-olds who think they are pro-hackers after installing cheats for pokemon red

Haha thanks. I’m adding sounds in an update. :)

Haha, thanks for playing the game :)

Haha, Thanks for your kind words.

Thank you for playing the game. Yeah, I’m planning on making some changes and updates to the game with the feedback I’ll get which includes small cutscenes and stuff.

Oh cool. The window next door is the one with the horrifying lady. I actually never knew this one existed haha

Hey dumb question but is this inspired by Junji Ito’s the window next door

This game’s art is amazing. The team who made the game should pat themselves on the back

I think the mechanic has a lot of potential to be a cool game on steam. And you can release it for free if you want :). Also, the game reminds me of VVVVV for some reason

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The music slaps and feels very nice to the ears. The puzzles are less but nice. With some more polish, levels, animations, and a few bug-fixes, you could sell this game on steam and I would be the first to buy it.

Ah yes, coincidently my game has a similar 1-bit aesthetic with mostly the same colors just edited a bit.

My game if your wondering:-

Pretty noice NGL. The jump can be modified a bit for more smoothness but overall nice product. There can be a lot of Metroidvania elements in this game and can serve as a good time-killer on mobile devices. Also a dumb question but did you use this palette for the game.

This game has noice gameplay and has an amazing vibe. Not many pixel art games go for a vintage vibe and well this nails the aesthetic. You can tweak the tutorial screen as the starting turret blocks the text. Please like please make this game a steam release.

Cool game but only one thing. Could have gotten more screen-shake and particles. The same goes with when you jump on the ground. Otherwise the controls feel tight and cool

Is this a demo or the full version

Wait, the pirate tricked me. This is not doom, its something much better.

This would be a thriller game to play on something like a mobile device

Good job

Hmm, yeah I may have gone overboard with the spike levels. A fix to it is going to an odd position with the white ghost where the spikes are close but not close enough to kill him. Then you can manage both of the ghosts with the left and right arrow keys or WASD. Thank you very much for your feedback.

The art style is interesting and the main gameplay is just, *le kiss* so good. This game is innovative and i am still suprised how it was made in 7 days. The UI, soundtrack and Dux and nox make the game so good. Hope you will make a kickstarter or patreon campaign soon.

UI could much much better and the twist could have more build up

But the audio was amazing

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yeah you could splice it up like the second tileset, so that people who use it would not face problems like I did. pretty please

Hey Any idea on what a good pixel size it is to splice the asset pack. Like I tried 16 x 16 but umm didnt go too well. Other than that, this is a damn good asset pac

I used to use scratch a long time ago, I think through some shady applications  or Compiling the javascript part of the program yourself would get you an exe file or just post a link to the jam page as once a scratch project is made on the browser, the project link can be sent

The only problem with Roblox is its build settings. I would rather have a built version than  a version hich has to be downloaded. Core and Roblox are similar in terms of being an engine but core has actual build settings and roblox sadly dosen't. Like do you expect the judges to download a platform  just for the jam . If you can do some techinical wizardry and make a game in roblox have a compatible version  for windows, linux or mac, go for it. Also the 600 lines of code thing is a really really bad argument. In that case YandereDev would be GameDev's bill gates

The games is good. Its buggy and has a lot of problems but has a lot of good in it and can be expanded into a larger better game

First, the artstyle. The rough paper sketch art makes this game charming. Then the time travel thing is pretty good and the the music is awesome

Things that could be improved are the  fonts in the game, some aspects of the time travel mechanic  and  some more things but as it was made in 7 days with real life stuff,  so I can't blame you

Also when the left arrow, is pressed you could set the moveinput value to -1 or more, so that when the left key pressed you face left

But anyways  I'll rate this game a 3.9 out of 5

Noice game but how is it on the rasberry pi

Boy oh boy this game  was good

But i only have on e question, which pixel editing softawre did you use to make these stunning levels

Thank you very much.  This type of feedback is super encouraging. 

(And nice that you noticed,  that I used made a variation of the brackeys tutorial)