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Est t'il possible d'avoir une version pour linux ou bien le code source ?


Bravo, très agréable.

Merci !

Thanks !


Très fidèle à l'original et agréable à jouer. 

Je viens de finir un clone de Space Invaders ,, au départ j'ai voulu un identique à la version Sega SG1000 mais finalement il est different.

Bravo, j'ai hâte de voir la suite ! 

I really like the look and feel of the game, the ingame menus are neat. Got killed by the second mob in the corridor. I found that the fights are a bit slow, but maybe because it will be a multiplayer game ? 

Merci :)

J'aime bien, un peu difficile.

Un guide comment utiliser Emscripten avec Lua et love 2d ?

Source code at

Thank you for your feedback.

I used javascript and Phaser to build the game. At first I wanted to target mobile devices using Cordova, but then I though maybe I should learn C# and unity so I could target more platforms without worrying about the build tools. There are a some  missing features such as boss fights each 10 waves, more power ups and weapons and player stats (kill ratio,  accuracy etc) along with a leaderboard on each stat. 

The core gameplay is exactly the same as the game in the video you posted. Maybe you could add the features that I skipped in Front Invaders.

Here the source code of the game if you are interested to check how the game was build. 

Thanks again for the feedback and good luck polishing your game. 

Don't forget to post the link of your game when it is ready !

Thanks ! Glad you like the game.