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that makes me really happy :) thank you sm


yess i was able to play it now :) nice relaxing game!

hi, i think a restart button would be nice, because i started by choosing the "no" option and now i can't see the rest of the game even if i refresh the page ToT

aw thank youu <3 i'm glad :)

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right in front of the computer where you read it :0

edit: i think a possible problem is that you can read it from the side of the computer too 

This is so on point!

try thinking of the cardinal directions as you would on a map! (。•́︿•̀。)

you mean you couldn't get past that point of the game, or you didn't know what those objects were for?
if it's the 2nd you can't do anything with them

I downloaded this but for some reason it doesn't work properly :( there's an offset between what the CRT screen shows and the other window, and sometimes a portion of the window itself is visible in the CRT screen too.

hahaha i stole that from pokemon gold so it's ok x) thank you!

love the colors and the little story, simple as it may be :) <3

Thank youuu :) I'm glad that you like the ending too! it's a very dear little story to me <3

great :) I'll give it another go then when it's ready, and you're welcome!

I had a hard time understanding the game :( I read the instructions and all, but it's pretty confusing.

Thank you so much! :) 

This is so beautiful, I almost cried while playing it... Everything about it is just perfect.
Did you use borksy or other "hacking" methods, or is it just regular bitsy? I'm new to using it and was wondering how some of the things could be implemented.

Ah thank you! I did come across borksy, but I was too lazy to read about it and just wanted to make my game as soon as I could, and didn't want to get too distracted. But I think it could be useful for updating the game in the future :)

that's my favorite part x)

me encantó el final djdjdjdjdj the hardest kind of calling

Hola, por ahora no necesito nada pero muchas gracias por la oferta :) y qué bueno que te gustó <33

oh I'm glad and thank you! :) I'll probably add sound eventually anyway

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the flowers are just a little joke x) there's nothing to do with them. the character just likes them. nothing else inside the locked door, either.
and no, there's not another ending, if you want a hint about what's in the ship, it's in the diary in the bedroom ;) thanks for playing!

es justo lo que necesitaba muchas gracias ToT

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muchas gracias <3

sí, quiero ponerle música eventualmente. quizás algún update chico al juego mismo también, pero por ahora quise terminarlo rápido para que no se me volviera a alargar infinitamente el proyecto.

y sí, fue complicado lo de las puertas /pasadas de un lugar a otro, porque el programa es muy limitado, entonces quedaban ya sea muy ocultas, o muy obvias, no sabía bien cómo balancear eso.  igual quería que hubiera cierto desafío de descubrirlas así que lo dejé asi :)

thank you so much for your playing and commenting! :) 
i really like pop-up close-up windows on games, and since this program is very limited i had to work my way around it to add something like that. I'm happy you liked it!

oh thank you MxHelianthe :) <3

ponte a la fila que aqui no hay na trato especial

hoy no fio, mañana si

aonde la pando

tan weno los tocomples

You can find it on my ig, the latest post ^^ @sukinapan . thanks again!

Thank you for this :) I'm going to use it, I'll link you the result

Loved the game and the art style! It gave me a smlie :)


this really got to me.