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Hey sorry to bug again, just a few more things to report xD The backstab doesn't seem to work all the time, even if i'm behind the enemy. Also I tried learning "loving whispers" from the hexen table but I think I exited the window too fast and I didn't get the skill, but lost a lesser soul.. haha.

Would I be able to get this on steam? If so how? I wanted to know so I could leave a review.

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Yes, I used two different circles, the one in the mine and the one next to the dark priest. They both produced the bug. It was marriage and ragnvaldr. Yeah the eastern ghost attacked me another time when I was reading a book and the image of the book was in the background when I was fighting him lol.

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"TypeError Cannot read property 'bitmap' of undefined"

I got this error when I got attacked by the eastern sword ghost when I was in a text dialogue.

Also game bugs when I try to make marriage show love, all the sprites dissapear. The sprites reappear when I use the elevator.