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My bad, was uploading an updated version this morning, should be good to go now :D

A man was murdered on a train full of serial killers, but only one of them is guilt of the crime. As a lone inspector, it's up to you to investigate the crimescene, search for clues and interrogate suspects to figure out who dunnit. But watch your back! When the lights go out, the killer could strike from the shadows, and your goose is cooked!

A noir themed detective story where each playthrough is different, will you survive a ride on the Murder Express? Find out for free today!


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I think what you are doing is really cool man. You take nature and put game mechanics across it. Nice. I haven't played yet, but I'm about to. Just congrats on the concept. Good on you for trying something different!

Hey thanks, I got into programming my own games ( as opposed to working with a partner ) a little over 4 years back and only recently got into Unity. This project was a bit more than I could handle at the time seeing as I was still learning a lot of the fundamentals of 3D and Unity in general. I may return to the project in the future, but maybe you would be interested in my other work. My latest project, just in time for Halloween, is a spooky/silly 3D remake of "Nightmare Fishing Tournament", a fishing game with a twist if you are interested:

You might be interested in trying the 3D version -- now with more fish!

No worries man I asked for bug reports you over delivered :P
Thanks for checking it out

Thanks for checking it out. Sorry you got the bug, there are finished playthroughs online if you were curious how it ended, the glitch seems finicky on just who it triggers for...If you have the interest, I released another 3D game I'm trying to get feedback on, a cockfighting sim, you can check it out here:

BTW it's a beta build atm so feel free to break this one too ;)

It's possible, like I said I'm not 100% sure. I was thinking it might have something to do with exiting the back door in proximity to the Quantum Keepers spawning but I could never nail it down. There's a 2D version on this site thats the same story wise if you want to give it a go, it's got it's own issues but nothing game breaking ( That I know of anyway ) might play a little nicer with your set up.

Yea I know about that, it dosnt happen all the time, no idea what causes it