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Nah, just bumping for Halloween! But check out "Dune Punk", it's my latest and got a update recently!

Wow you really seem to know your stuff -- great job getting this put together man! It looks great, and a nice video on how it was made too! :D

Really impressive visuals, I can't speak for the game ( bit broke ) but the trailer alone made me feel while I was watching it -- pretty solid accomplishment just right there, game must be great :D

Not sure but alternitavely Newgrounds is hosting it, could just enable flash player and get at it in the browser here:

Idk upload was confusing for .swf games...

Appreciate the upload dude! Captain Flametrower is obviously just a joke for shock value sake so this will probably be the last one in the series. You might like Nightmare Fishing 2020, it's the 3rd iteration of my Nightmare fishing series and probably the best to date, but some ppl prefer the 2D. Either way it's not fishing in the traditional sense -- more violent :D

Thanks I'm glad you had fun, try the other alien games mentioned in the description if you missed them, they are all interesting takes on the alien in this game :D