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I got a new high score! Link

sounds neat!

Thanks for the reply, that makes a lot of sense.  I was thinking about making a drifting game for a while :)

Just curious, what do you change about the car's physics when the space bar is pressed?

That's pretty good, to get more you have to play the corners really well and bob and weave.

I like the art!

It gets pretty hard after you get 60pts

It would be cool if you got extra points for close calls

when will this be on


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I think I finished it, good game.  That's a fun mechanic.

Thanks, I used fl studio to make the music. And yeah you can shoot the cacti again while they're still on screen before they disappear.

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shit that ending

very good

Nice win screen

I like the mechanics, it would be cool as a full game.

Nice idea

I like the art!

I got 8843, nice implementation of a classic.

The cacti look pretty cool

It's pretty fun, but kind of annoying when you get caught on things like here:

Is that an intended rage mechanic?

That’s pretty good, thanks for playing!

The death screen's pretty funny.

That was pretty satisfying.

Thanks for playing! I’m really glad you enjoyed playing and made a video about it.

That was really fun!