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I enjoyed it, even though I didn't know it's part of a game jam. Cool theme, nice execution. One little detail I'd change is the "OK RIP". sounds condescending, but it's just a string.

After almost 800 words "I won" but no victory. (No V, the rest was there from a really early point) Such a clever game that kept me in and even searching words online, trying to figure out what letters some things represent. (The coin was really a stupid misunderstanding of mine, for over 200 words at least.)

The music imo is a bit annoying, and that bzzt  really kills it even more. Finding the right positioning with some stuff were a bit tedious at times. Still I think it's a good game. I played it for several hours during a few days. Struggled with a really small variety of letters. Currently at 835. I would make it autosave game, cuz sometimes you just want to leave it aside and get back another time. I did it by leaving the tab open.

neat game, I like the artstyle, fitting the veteran investigator and his agenda of old-fashioned stuff. Took me some time to figure how things should work, and I did need a brief review on the buttons, but all in all I think it's good. There's the music that isn't so extravagant but just enough to set a jazz mood.


the jumpscare almost gave me a heart attack.

I didn't. Sorry for your loss, but I think that because you've been through that, your mind lead you down this rabbit hole.

I found myself sitting on this for over an hour, totally addicted. 

One thing - when you win or lose there's no screen telling you this.

I've "reached" level 9 and I was wondering if it means I keep going the kill spree, but I got one step and it seemed like "it crashed" though it didn't. I want some fireworks or a congratz caption.

I don't remember when I got goosebumps like those the last time.

And that is why I don't drink and walk... Great game, though I really got pissed at the second airboarder, this %#%#$ . I'll complete it... Maybe.

The main issue of this game is that for some reason you chose not to make it compatible to people who use mouse and keyboard. Forward is Z, freeze is A, right is D, left is Q,  dash is Left Shift, jump- who knows?! It's clear you put no effort to making it for the keyboard setup, and put it all into XBOX controller setup. It's a shame, really a shame.

I can't be the only one who's sad that this game requires you to have Oculus Rift and Touch. I have neither of those, and the trailer looks so appealing. I hope one of my favorite YouTube gamers like Markiplier or JackSepticEye would make a video out of this, because by it looks it is so intriguing.

The main issue which very annoyed me  was the scrolling to accelerate. Took me too long to understand that, to the point I've almost ditched the game, and it's tedious and it's just takes out the fun. The idea however is fine.

Well, I understood what I did wrong, I thought I should somehow imitate the photo which is used for an example, while I needed to look for the scene in the picture in my hand. I've beaten the game. It was quite short. I guess you did it to try if this concept is good and see comments, and well, it's an interesting idea, though I was looking for some more actions rather than just taking photos, perhaps adding characters with whom you need to interact and talk so they would do whatever you wish for your photo. It's just a single idea that popped into my head. Also, make some story about it, for as long as it seems to me, I was just figuring out how to build that room. Perhaps it's your own room, and you need to somehow start memorizing it, like 'Memento' (Which I guess inspired you) and you start to remember your family, friends, career, life choices (poor ones or good, depends on the story you try to make) and so on, and maybe you'll be able to control and see the game from the point of view of different characters. It has good potential indeed, needs a little build up, but you sure got it going pretty well!

this game seems really nice, but on the very first challenge, I can't hold a picture while taking another picture as required in the mission, I guess I misunderstood something. Would like for a tip, cuz it seems like a cool game, and I don't wanna say it's bad just cuz I can't understand the very few controls for somehow