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It's vibe indeed!

Thank you very much! Devlog? Maybe we will look into that :-)

Thanks a lot!!! We'll see about that devlog?!

Thanks a lot! much appreciated

Thank you and gz m8! looks like you are No.1 on the leaderboard!

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Hi, I'm an artist looking to join a talented and ambitious developer/team who wants their game to look good with original visual assets.

I want experience with the Roguelike/lite genre. I will work primarily from thursday and through the weekend. That means I will make no demands to the game design whatsoever and you can consider my service as a kind of addition to your game in the late development/polishing phase. Can adapt to a variety of different styles but I would prefer to work with a fidelity higher than "command promt" visuals.

I prefer working in Unity using C# but if you work in another engine I can just deliver the asset files and you can do the implementation yourself.

Check out my portfolio here:

So message me on Discord (Antonius#4916) if you need an artist. 

And btw I can do composition and audio engineering too if needed!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks a lot! I wanted exactly to create something a bit visually over-the-top to create that sense of shock and awe!

Would love to have seen a longer game!

Thanks! I'm checking out your game right now!

Thanks, checking it out right now!

Really fun game! Some feedback: Would be nice to actually respawn at the last "hole" instead of from the beginning (maybe I'm just a filthy casual player..). At one point i died because of shooting myself into the lava ceiling. Would be nice if the ceiling was solid! Also, it didn't take me long to figure out that I can just click very fast and never even use the platforms, and go down in slow-motion all the way, that's how I completed the game. All in all very good job!

Cool game! Really nice game mechanics that are easy to learn and fun to get into, very intuitive! I could definitely learn from that

Pretty nice game! Inspired by Downwell? The slowdown effect when using the weapon is bit janky, otherwise it plays pretty well!

Nice game! Try mine here:

Here is my game, hope you like it!

Nice game, I added a rating and comment on your page. You can try my game here:

Try my game!

Cool game! Particularly I love the animations! they really funny in a good way!

Thanks a lot for playing it!

I'm sorry to hear that. We wanted to emulate the experience of being OBLITERATED by a black hole and tried to make it as crazy as possible, maybe we went a bit overboard!

Thank you! Yeah we spent a lot of time on the graphics and too little on level design unfortunately, haha! :)

Damn, that's annoying! Dunno what causes it :(

I've rated and commented on your game. Wonderful visual effects! If you like visual effects I'm sure you will enjoy this one! Please consider it showing it on your Twitter page!

Cool game, I enjoyed playing it! Amazing visual effects, I wonder how they were made?! Couldn't get to sector 3 for some reason though!?

Try this one out!

Check out our game "OBLITERATOR":

When I found out how to get the game started it was really fun, I love how the character just rotates around, I believe you could do more with that and turn it into a mechanic after more development time. All in all a good job!

Hey I rated your game and left a comment, please check out my game here:

Hey there! I've rated and commented on your game. It was really cool. Here is my submission, please check it out!

Really cool game! Impressive just how many levels you have created! Really an inspiration for me to remember to make the first minutes of the game really easy for new players. You wouldn't find my game nearly as intuitive to play I can promise you that! 

Great game about the pursuit of "happiness" and ... incest!!! j/k, that was really one of the most polished games I've seen yet! Only critique is the UI could get a bit cluttered at times. Good job!

Hey there, I played your game, it was very nice! I've left a rating and comment on your page. Please check out this game I made with my friends!

I've played, rated and commented on your game. Here's mine:

Great work! I love puzzle-platformer games! Is this the end of the game though? Seems I couldn't pass this point:

Thank you for trying it out!

Yeah unfortunately as several people in here has pointed out the "level design" is a bit confusing. Though I'm glad to see some people actually sticking to it until those enemies start showing!

Thank you very much, glad you liked it!

I rated your game and left a comment. Check out my submission here: