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Hello, I sent you an e-mail a month ago but haven't herd back. I just sent another with some information and screen images.  I'm trying to see what is happening with a mistake involving a cancellation refund so I can re-order, please get back to me as soon as you can.

Hi, I messaged about a month ago about accidentally canceling my pre-order. I've been waiting for the refund before re-ordering but it never refunded me. I have the money to re-order it but will I ever get the money I spent back or has it been too long? The original pre-order was about a year ago.

Ah, okay. Thanks a ton! Can't wait to play, the demo was great so I'm super excited!! I'll have to check out more of your work!

Hello again, sorry to be such a bother. Thank you for your reply but I tried searching itchio games for the full version and it only has chapter 1. The only way for me to pre-order the full is through the backer kit for $19.99.  I'm not sure how this all really works because this is the first game I've ever done this sort of thing with, (because I love your work so much), would it be possible for me buy the full version and have you reimburse me the $5 I already spent? Again, sorry for the trouble.

It even says 'You own this game.' at the top of this page.

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Hello, I pre-ordered what I thought was the full game about a year ago (320 days) but looking at it again it says Chapter 1, did I mess up somehow or did something change? I would like the full game, is there a way for me to pay the $14.99 difference ? I think it was tagged "Pay what you want" or something similar, it's been a while, is it being released in stages? What should I do?