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this game is very cute! i do wish it was more than just a button mashing game and there were options like more websites the more popular you get with pictures with options you can choose from like a cute picture or a creepy picture and a shop that you can spend popularity points on , but other than that its amazing and addicting!

the sensitivity was a bit crap when i tried to move  ,But overall it was really good! i think a few extra patches will make the game perfect! just an idea but if you have vocaloid or utau maybe you could make some metal vocaloid songs? idk just an idea!

i really liked the visuals but the guns could of used a little work and i'd like it if there were a couple more guns like doom. But dont do these things if you dont want to! just my opinion!

overall really good game! Really underated

this is amazing! i enjoyed it alot :)

this is adorable :>