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I did not know what to expect at all going in to this game, but I sure did have a lot of fun playing!

I had so much fun playing this game. However I should have known better, evil never dies! Thank you for creating this is was so spooky and a fun short horror game. 

Enjoyed Chapter #2 so much, can't wait to see how the story continues to progress! Great work so far, the story really keeps you interested and I cannot wait to read more! 

Fun short horror game. Really enjoyed! Thanks for creating! Idk what they are feeding these spiders though! 

Loved this game. Short and very creepy. Also really enjoyed the art style to it as well. Had a lot of fun thank you!

Loved the ending and the premise of this horror game. Short and spooky and gave me a good laugh at the end as well. Thank you for making this! Would be cool to see this idea for gameplay expanded! 

Enjoyed the demo. Hope to see more. Very creepy vibes and reminded me a bit of PT. All in all really enjoyed this horror game!

This was such a fun little spook.

I had a lot of fun with this game. Got lost a couple of times but regardless it was an enjoyable experience. The aliens do give you a sense of urgency in the fact that you can't afford to stop or turn around! Thank you for creating this!

Enjoyed this short horror game. The jumpscares got me good! Really enjoyed this one!

I had so much fun with this game. I wanted more episodes it was such a great little game.  It would also be cool to see a second ending but regardless this was worth the try and thank you for creating it!

Loved the puzzles and the spooky atmosphere. I really enjoyed finding all the endings! Would love to see what else you create in the future!The use of the phone also made the game that much more intriguing 

I love The Shining, this was such a fun game with some thrilling horror behind it. Also not knowing what each door brings makes you more nervous going forward. I enjoyed it a lot and thank you for creating this. 

Had a lot of fun with this game. Gives you a challenge with the maze being colorful and the killer blending in. Makes for some nice jumpscares. 

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Seriously amazing. The puzzles keep you busy! Was able to get all three endings. Has that creep factor with a twist at the end I was not expecting at all. All in all really enjoyed the game! Thank you!

Short horror experience that I had a lot of fun with. You did get me with the jumpscares! I do wish it was a bit longer and maybe for the mannequin to have different movements in the game as well. Overall though I had fun and enjoyed plaything! Thank you!

This is why mannequins are not to be trusted!

Cannot wait to see more. Great graphics and fear factor were apart of the game. I wish there was a little more towards the end but overall enjoyed the experience! 

This game was great, very unsettling and overall creepy.

Enjoyed the game! Really happy I found it and was able to play!

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The mechanics and game-play were something I never saw before when it came the to hand mirror. Very creepy and stressful with that monster running around! However I really enjoyed playing it and recommend trying it out!