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GREEEAAAT !!! i don't wanna restart from the beginning especially the cards battle

Hi uhm can I merge my safe file with my game on steam?? cause I don't want to play from the beginning, so is it possible?? and How?? im sorry to bother you again

Soo How i can play it?? theres no download menu isnt it?? or is it available on patreon??

Hiiiii.... Im little bit confused though so for the newest version,  has it the whole version/chapters???  i downloaded one by one and i got  confused. sooo is it okay to throw away the previous one??

Is there any difference between these two version?? I know Patreon is the newest version and extra stuff of this game but how about these two platforms?? and I heard the complete version gonna released at the end of September(Wahooo), so is it worth it to buy on itch io than steam?? oh by the way thanks for making this game I love this type of game grinding and not mainly focusing on the NSFW part

There's some Plushie's of game of their character. I thought it was real funkopop, welp

Cant wait for the full version come.  By the way are this game going to release on steam??  i hope so, i loved getting achievement

theres  a lot itch io dev's/game maker's game available too in there

cant wait this game release on steam

Hi there. uhm its me again.

So the last updates for the end of spencer story. isnt? damn man i replay his story from the beginning and god dang it you make me cry. thats a lovely story.

also for chester story. yeah its great i liked it but imnot fans of it. its about toxic relationship yeah its creep me out sorry. but im glad he get what he wants; Happy life, Big smile, Freedom and a Job

oh yeah i forget. by the way 3 down 2 left. are you going to make another game?? or it will be a sequel of this game?? also uhm its little bit personal but its up to you can you make another ending? cause all of the ending  are cuddling in bed i know its lovely its cute but its predictable and feels the same except for the narration. im sorry

one more thing, i thought richard will date coach cause(CMIIW, in one of story i forget which one is it) richard meet MC in or near the tennis field he was giving something to someone its suspicious//weird said MC i think he meet coach but im wrong he choose another bear,

in the end big thanks for making this game/visual novel. and i appreciate for make it. Oh i'm curious you know the meme d!cks comparison tier list i wonder theres one for this game. or someone make it please and tag/mention the dev or the creator. i wonder whose biggest and smallest. and where the MC should put at??


Hi Nice to meet y'all, uhm so the rest of stories are in patron version, arent they? so are you not going to update this version?? well in that case i must start to save some money, god why theres so many creators that i become patron

Okay Sounds good to me and thanks both of you for answer ASAP

Hi, Nice to meet y'all. are  the guys stories at WIP?? i mean are there any complete story of them? or the Patron version is the completed one, isnt? If its a yes, How far version of itch io build and Patron build ? whats different?

Im sorry thats a lot of questions cause im curious what happen next, please tell me its a happy ending or not 

Hi...  How far version of itch io build and Patron build ? whats different?

Im stuck in scene schedule, i already got the Halloween event and meet the red dragon. so what should i do next?  so i can  continue the story . im sorry its sounds lame but i just download it again and im not update for this game. i hope someone can help me *ASAP for it i love the story but get confuse for the route of story

Hi i play it on steam. is it different from steam version? 

Okay, thanks man

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Hi its me again, are we need restart from the beginning of route for this update? i have 1.106 vers. And thanks for updates this game. Love you all 

I see. Thanks a lot man for your replies and explanation. Yeah i know i sound rushing but i like this game a lot dude. so sorry

Hi Nice to meet you again, I wanna ask something. 

  1. is it every updates of this game we lost our saved data before updates? even Darius and Coach Harold ?
  2. Updates the game please, I cant wait for their end story. i wanna see spencer on suit
  3. Big thanks to you and answer please , ASAP

okey thanks man

is it the whole comics? i downloaded it but it stop on the wolf and tiger have se

I see, thanks man for your replies as soon as possible. for now i just waiting for the new updates then

Hello again, hmmmm i'm curious now 

  1. is there any bad ending for every charachter ?? cause i did play from the beginning for every character each updates
  2. Damn man finally our papa bear get better for his life and he can smile again. I  love the ending but i wanna see more what happend with them. i feel its little bit unclear story
  3. I CANT WAIT TO SEE SPENCER FAMILY AND MY BOIII DARIUS hmm i cant forget their smile
  4. wait is it possible to date with maria ?? she is the only one woman in here
  5. i think chester's enemy (sorry i forget his name). is he secretly fall in love with chester?? i hope so cause its feel like love and hate story
  6. Can you make a story about richard and maria? cause i'm curious why they can be together? and how? tell me more about their relationship too
  7. Finally THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE THIS GAME, i cant wait for the next update once again you make my day for every updates of this game :D OwO KEEP FIGHTING !! DO YOUR BEST !! I'M WAITING FOR YOU 

Hi nice to meet you all, I played your game and you make my day perfect. I'm sorry i cant donate for it i dont have any credit card with me. 

But i'm curious about

  1. How i can get the galleries? i played it but nothing happened
  2. Please add some NFSW stuff ;)  i dont get any of it just the storyline with them
  3. Is there some guy with you can speak indonesian malaysian etc cause in setting menu theres other languanges 
  4. THE ARTSTYLES ARE EPIC I LOVE IT and they can blink too like its so damn real person
  5. I think its too short for gameplay like this cause only have 5days for starter and 7days on patron but i enjoy it, i  hope its getting better in the next updates. I cant wait for it
  6. The storyline i like [ Its so hard too choose :(  ] :
    1. Coach Gil + Mr Parker
    2. Lars
    3. Anders
    4. Mark
  7. Last, Did you make it based on your true story??
  8. wait, Is there any side character can the main character date ? 

I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE :) and I guess theres no error too, So AWESOME GOOD JOB MAN.  KEEP ON FIRE!! 

Thanks for your replies man, Hmmm sorry i think my country block that site so i dont familiar with it. But I'm waiting for new update of the game and i cant wait for the true ending for each of them. Keep on FIRE !! :D. 

By the way is there any fan art for them?? cause i think fallin in love with Darius and Spencer ;)

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Hi Nice to meet you all, I played your game but i'm sorry i cant donate i dont have any credit card with me. Anyway i enjoy the game, the story line, the nfsw stuff.  but i have some suggestion for your issues for the next update patch

Some issues :

1. Please add  more sketches for the background. its better than black background

2.some grey screen on story line. like Darius Chester and Dozer

3. Need more attention for minor detail error in their story like :

  1. Spencer : he got two birthmark in his body
  2. Darius : When Darius and main character take off their clothes the main character' Peepee gone
  3. Chester : The coach still wearing his tie on when he wear sport clothes
  4. Also Chester : i guess he needs more side character for his friends it said YCH with black avatar

Regardless for that some issues i enjoy the storyline, Here my list i like for the story line

  1. Darius & Spencer
  2. Dozer
  3. The Coach and Chester

i wanna ask you something, Do you make it based on your real life? especially The coach and Chester story make me feel aware for have a relationship with someone

I'm sorry of you dont understand what i say cause myEnglish not good enough and By the way thanks man for your game make my day cheerfull again :)

And last can the main character date with Richard the Rhino??