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Im really happy with this system! Genuinely! Its become my go-to for solo. 

Because youre looking for feedback, id suggest a dedicated section on hirelings, just for the sake of having those rules available on the table of contents. 

As it stands now it seems they are only mentioned in passing on the combat section, and on the shopping section as just a thing you can use your money on. It's not impossible to piece things together, but i was confused initially, especially because there is a playsheet dedicated to them. Aside from that, i love this game. 

"A chill casual arcade game " is Right! the game is relaxing as can be with the laxx chillhop music and easy to follow rules! although personally the game might progress at a slower speed than is comfortable. it does eventually get you into that flow state.

the aesthetic is sleek and cool, and the Arcadey design to the game has lots of potential depth, while remaining a simple concept love this little game.

this was simple, but i was very entertained throughout the playthrough. personally i found the audio rather unpleasant, but as someone who's never played a proper DOS game, it seems to fit the aesthetic. i had fun! love the color scheme and the silly little story.

love it! its simple, yet deceptively tricky

at the beginning.  After asking for the parent's phone number, the dialogue options come up but they're not clickable.

Thirded for this!