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We're back working in fast food nightmare town! Fight the chicken! You have a one way ticket to the fight club! Also i give an update on Subnautica! 

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Even though you may be in love, don't let your eyes linger for too long or you might have to go find them later! At least we have a hot tub to relax in when we're not listening to the voices inside our heads...

All I wanted was a little sleep. I didn't ask for this. Why don't the lights work? Would YOU sleep here? I mean there IS a pool table but that's not enough. Just allow me to sleep and all will be well...

So if you're ever trying to talk to loved ones who have passed on, do NOT use one of these. It's not going to end well. Will you ever forgive me?

This is absolutely the best meat I've ever had. Even if the corn and carrots were impossible to find. At least we have meat. Nice tender meat. The most tender....

Sometimes you have to follow your heart, even in the face of oppression. Believe in yourself. Be kind. Be wise. Be a good person. The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is just that. A story about pushing through. About believing in yourself. Always Push. Always Fight. Always be the best you can be.

Pigeons are a type of fish right? Dealing with some pretty deep subjects today in The Night Fisherman! Is there a way to get a good ending?

Today we're taking a nice little look at a game about a mother going to the store to get her family groceries. Or at least food. Maybe. Maybe nothing. Maybe something ELSE is the food...

What danger could a teddy bear possibly pose? In Project Horror, we learn just how much! Cabin in the woods? Sad Ghost? Spooky Teddy Bear? It checks all the boxes on things that freak me out!

This game is super twisted! In Captive Audience we are the ones in the zoo...

Sometimes we all feel like this, like we're not ourselves. Sometimes we feel dead inside. Always remember that we're here for you all. We care. You're never alone.

So if you had a choice of many different kinds of ice cream, would strawberry be your first pick? For Siren Head, it might be! Come on a wild adventure as we try and have a successful date with the giant speaker monster known as Siren Head!

So today we're taking a look at another PT inspired game in "Echo". Will it scare the living pants right off of us? Is there a spooky monster? Is there jump scares? Let's find out! I'm getting Amnesia vibes too which is NOT good for my fear!

Thank YOU for making it! What a wild journey! As someone who has work in a lot of fast food places that felt exactly like this, it was a blast! I can't wait to try the rest of your work out 

So at Happy's Humble Burger Barn we serve only the best floor burgers and old salmon nuggets! Oh yeah, it might also be haunted too... Maybe...

3 Scary Games? What in the world was I thinking? We take a look at Dia, Chōjirō and Bleakshore today. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? One game usually goes just FINE!

3 Scary Games? What in the world was I thinking? We take a look at Dia, Chōjirō and Bleakshore today. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? One game usually goes just FINE!

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3 Scary Games? What in the world was I thinking? We take a look at Dia, Chōjirō and Bleakshore today. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? One game usually goes just FINE!

It's very rare that I come across a game that knows my name. Monika knew it. How does a simple survey know it though! Start Survey? More like Start running!

When you have a flashlight, try to have one that takes batteries! Especially if you're trapped in a hallway where there may or may not be monsters!

If your car is running perfectly fine, why would you get out and examine what the giant speaker monster did? In Siren Head, we think about our mistakes in life.

All I wanted to do was catch a train home, now I'm making friends and taking it to a place I really don't want to go! Catch the Midnight Train they said! Going Anywhere the song says! How about let's not!

Today was a big day! I went to my first open house! It was everything I thought it would be, small rooms, old washing machines, demons in the closet? Wait, what?...

We're taking our real job and making it happen in real life! In Midnight Shift, we play as a security guard. Robin Williams might appear! 

Today we're taking a look at what happens when you need a better car so that you don't break down on the scariest road in the world! Do NOT break down on this street!

When you sell a house, it's always nice to turn all the lights off. Especially when there's something spooky going on!

In "This Game Is Real" we learn all about the fine art of scaring the pants off of people, hidden dungeons and how to correctly use 12 pillows. 
This game is real, very scary and will teach you how to decorate your house for when terrible things happen. 

Ever fall in love on a day that's rainy but not? In her footsteps will teach you the meaning of true love and that it's not about who owns a boat or not!

There's a secret message in Tikyo Loves You. What does it say? Will it hold the secret to the meaning of life, or will it just scare the pants off of us!! Watch till the very end to find out!

If it's one thing I hate, it's small spaces. The thought of being trapped. Locked up. Get me OUT of here!

I seriously want off this train! It is not going where i wanted to anyway. It's the last train home though so what do I do!! it's my last chance to get home...

Welcome to a completely innocent game with absolutely nothing wrong. It's just a game where we fix stuff. THAT'S IT! T̸̬̗̿̚H̷̢͙̮̫̊̕Ȧ̸̰̼̘̫͛͐Ț̴͙̠̉͋͆̅͜'̷̨̜̰̽͊̉S̸͕̩͚̟̏͠ ̶̳̯̜̺̂̕Ī̶͈̠̓T̵̛̼͍̣̈́͝!̷̣͉̖̤͋̃̽ Enjoy you're new job as a Handyworker!

Welcome to Paranoid, the Playable Teaser. See the title. Playable Teaser..."PT". Yup. We're back. Paranoid is a TERRIFYING romp through an apartment building trying to help a woman in danger. What dangers await us? LOTS! LOTS AND LOTS OF DANGER! 

Today we're looking deep down in the ocean and possibly saving the planet in Samudra! Plastics are definitely a problem and it's up to little me to save the world!

We're building a fairy house today in this delightful little story about a mom who should be watching her child better and a dog who likes to break things.

If I were you, I would not be late on your book! This is a forbidden place. Why are we even here!

Aww it was my absolute pleasure, I had a lot of fun with it :) 

This Valentine's Day go tell the person you like that you like their hair! Maybe not... Try to just be honest and nice but make sure at the very least you both get some cake! Eat Your Heart out Valentines!

If you ever get forced into paying for your friends coffee bill even though she ran out and you never even got to EAT your cheesecake... just do it. Save all the hassle. Negative Nancy teaches you that being negative so much can be a bad thing.