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Are you afraid of what goes "quack" in the night? You should be. Anatidaephobia is a real thing!

Sugarcat here, I'll be your doctor today! You MIGHT even make it out of here alive!

Enjoy your stay at the hotel! In Hotel Remorse, we won't leave anything to regret... nothing at all....

We're home alone in this horror game! In Last Night at Home we gotta cover holes, ALL the holes!!

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We're checking out another indie horror game on called "New Message" today! Black Mirror? Weirdness? Let's go!

Come play soccer with grandma in Dim, a new playable demo on She's pretty good at it!

Thank you very much! She scared the crap out of me which means she did her job! Lol 

Got ringing in your ears yet? I sure do. Have you got furniture in your living room? I sure do! Like weird sounds? Loud noises? Hope so!

We're back to recording everyone! Today it's time for some classroom shenanigans with a small indie game called Sophie. We all know how I feel about laughing horror game children!

Time to get spooked as we look at a few horror games I've never played like PT and Jill!

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Today on the A Very Meowy Christmas livestream (AVMC), we have the biggest jumpscare we’ve ever had!. It's time to get spooked on today's stream as we play, The Mannequin!

To get ready for the upcoming livestreams we're taking a look at Penthos. An exploration game where we try to find out what exactly happened in this house! 

Crap! I forgot scheduled videos can’t be viewed even with a link sorry! It comes out tomorrow at 2pm est! :)

Smash that like button. Smash that mirror. Smash everything! We're trapped and we can't get out!

There's no time! We have to get our shopping done now! Last Chance Supermarket is the only store left open on Christmas eve!

We return to the old apartment in The Apartment 2! There's someone at the door, probably here to deliver pizza... I hope!  

So today we take a look at a game called Death Trips. What do we learn from it? That spoons are dangerous. That's about it... Hope you enjoy this instant classic from, and stay away from spoons!

Have you ever needed to be absolutely perfect? In Perfection, now you have a chance to!

I swear I didn't do anything! What's happening!

So they sent me the worst room ever, I am not impressed!

Have you ever wanted to be absolutely perfect? In Perfection, now you have a chance to! 

We all wear masks sometimes to hide how we truly feel, or to protect others. Don't let yourself get lost behind one!

We're back! It's time to get back into gaming with a spooky little game called Choke! Will we escape or not! 

Someone's in my house and they'd better be here with pizza

This game is super twisted! In Captive Audience we are the ones in the zoo...

I like games that are pretty, and this game? It's very pretty. Try not to get sad! 

I'm not alone in this house! I just wanted to clean up my families home so I could find some peace! 

I'm not alone in this house! I just wanted to clean up my families home so I could find some peace!

Apparently we have to fit it, or fix something... No idea what though!

Mannequins are one of the few things I fear most in horror games! If only I had some way to defend myself!

Sometimes games make me feel dumb, today I feel dumb. Door reminds me that I have to brush up on my puzzle skills!

Have you ever wanted to just PET ALL THE DOGGOS! How about a party where you don't want to be? Just go pet dogs, it's makes everything better!

We're not crazy! YOU'RE crazy! The Lunatic tests our mental fortitude and makes us think we're crazy! We're not....right?

Today we take on the role of scientist, where my height is NOT an issue! 

Today we venture through an old abandoned orphanage to locate the worst marvel movie ever. Insomnis just might make me never sleep again...

From Ivan is a game about cards. Cards for people who need them. Everything from "congrats on your meteor shower" to "Sorry for your loss". Will we get the girl? Will we keep our job?

If you ever experience anything like in "You Left Me" make sure to talk to someone, anyone.

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this video. When people knock when you're just trying to sleep!

Ever get the feeling that nothing you do on a date is right? You've com e to the right place then! Sugarcat's dating service 101! In Check, Please! we'll go over the basics, like how to stuff meatballs in your dates' face!