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Loveddd the twist! MC is definitely a psycho-bitch LOL also the ending omg I literally screamed "Is that Callum's son?!" at the special ending after you complete all the other endings. 

And ohhhhhh I see LMAO dw I'm also a writer myself and honestly the most tedious part is coming up with character names for my ocs! It's a really simple thing but I'm js rlly uncreative so I go to google to find some good names to steal

But of course! Thanks for making this game once again! I adore seemingly crackfic games with a darker twist on it

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broooo I'm touch starved as well but if someone started talking about how they'd murder anyone for me and basically acted full on yandere, I'm booking it out of there. I don't blame the MC for acting like a regular person

I didn't expect to like this game so much but oh my gosh! I ended up loving it because of the unique twist (the MC is actually the bad guy/"yandere"), and I came into this game as a Callum stan but left as a Chase stan LOL well done everyone! Wonderful game! (p.s. didn't expect Adrian to be batshit crazy)

Also I found a typo during Adrian's firefly date! The text box calls him "Anise" instead of Adrian, and I thought I saw wrong for a second. Unless this was actually further foreshadowing for MC only viewing the boys as their spice type, and not as actual humans?

WOWWOWO THIS GAME WAS SO GOOD N CUTE!!!and as a fan of the odyssey and penelope and odysseus's relationship, i really loved this! thank you for the beautiful art and charas and dialogue <3

THE ART LOOKS AMAZING cant wait to play this!

oh my gosh, the demo is simply amazing!!! the art is gorgeous, the story is well-written, I love the stats part of the game....and (mini spoilers)

i love the plot twist for the MC!!! i literally got chills at the end of the demo...anyways, I can't wait for this game to be finished! definitely adding on my to-buy-list once it's all done :D

OMG this game was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywaysss

1) Al because Math is personally my worst subject and it was funny seeing it be turned into ur local tsundere guy LOL

2) When the MC smacked their head with the heavy ass study guide Al made for them to get out of doing the math test! It really showed their stupidness but also I love them LMAO

3) HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loved it!!! (except the dad part)

this looks so cute!!!! can't wait to play it later...ill update you when i finish it! :D

LMAO this game seems right up my alley!! the humor in the descriptions fits mine and i'm super excited to play this. :^D ill give an update once Ive gone through the game

ofc and yess!! i also believe in diluc supremacy :]

omg what a cute game!! :^D

Omg this demo was so well done! I love how realistic the MC was because usually in otome games, the MC is some kind of perfect princess type :^] I also love how we get a cat companion <3 Katie is so cute wosjaioawisja

The art is very beautiful and I found myself going through this game super fast (time does fly when you're having fun) and became disappointed when the demo was already over.

Warden already looks like an interesting character and I bet his route would be fun :] 

Anyways thank you for giving me like 20 minutes worth of entertainment and I'm very excited to see the finished product of this game~!

Hmm, I'm not a big thriller/horror movie fan so I can't think of one with a devil involved, sorry :^( but yw! And ooo, MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, it sorts people into four categories: Introversion/Extraversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perceiving. You can learn more about it by searching up the 16personalities test! I'm personally an INFP :^)

Ahh, I know the feeling :^( when your body isn't feeling well, you won't be able to get much done no matter how much you force yourself. It's okay, SweetChiel! We completely understand and don't stress yourself out too much for not getting a lot done, all that matters is you did complete some work :] 

Anyways, the backgrounds are beautiful as ever! I hope you feel a lot better soon :]

P.S, here are two questions I have for the boys! (hopefully they haven't been asked yet)

What is your MBTI type? 


Do you want kids? If so, how many?

Hihi, big fan of Cinderella Phenomenon here! I remember being so excited that there was a sequel coming out and now that it's's still a surprise!

Anyways, to cut to the chase, my amazing friend bought me this as a gift on Steam. I was so excited to play it and immediately went to the Waltz Route first but one thing I noticed was that I couldn't see Lucette's portrait at all. Sometimes it would flash faster than a second on screen and then disappear. In addition, Waltz's sprite also didn't show up at all but the supporting character's sprites do. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my copy or if it's just a bug because it's the same for the other routes.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this, thank you!

Hehe, been waiting for this game ever since June of 2019!! I'm still very excited and I was wondering if you think the game will be finished this year? :^) Anyways, amazing job SweetChiel - working on a VN/Otome game for this long already is very commendable! I'll support you to the end. 


Holy, I can't believe how good this game really is! I've recently just finished the game and just wow. 

Coming into it, I didn't think I really wanted to have a romantic relationship with Cove. But as my character got to know him more and more, I started to like him and eventually chose to pursue a relationship with him. 

My MC started off as a sorta shy and awkward person and then eventually became extroverted and very comfortable around Cove, whose personality and appearance was impacted by the choices I made, was one that I really adored.

Cove and the MC's love for each other was so sweet. I loved every single second of it and I still can't believe this game doesn't cost like 20 dollars at least!

Thank you so much GBPatch for making this! I'll look forward in the sequel for Our Life :)

Downloaded the newest demo to replay the game and I can definitely see the new dialogue and event(s) you've put  in it! :^D I can't believe it's already close to 2021...I remember playing this game in Nov. of 2019 and dreading how long it would take to finish. But the long ride is almost over and I'm very excited to see it finally being released! Keep up the good work, Navypink :]

Ooh, I hope I'm not too late but I like C or F! They're both a good balance of the colors hehe

the art in this game is extremely beautiful! I also love the characters too, but I really want to know if there is a happy ending! I can't find it yet :')

ahhhh this was so good <333 the story was amazing and so chaotic at the same time :^) love your games so much, batensan <3

The MC is very weird (but in a good way of course ;)) Glad to have found this game! Can tell you've put a lot of work into it

Looks amazing so far! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see this project finished.

Yes! Another update :D! 

I've started school again today, and it was quite tiring. However, coming home to this on my feed tab is a warm feeling and immediately destroys all my worries. Thank you for this update <3

- Steph :)

YAY! I'm so happy there's an update, even if it's short. Anyways, I can't wait for the next one. 

With lots of love,

Steph :)

Just wanted to take the time to say that you're amazing for creating a game like this, and I hope you don't overwork yourself or anything! Can't wait for the next update :)

Although I'm waiting for a lot of otome games/visual novels to be finished, yours will always be the main one on my list! Love your hard work and your weekly updates to readers like me :) 

Lots of love,

Steph :)

Hi, it's me again! :) I just come back to this game because I just love William and the other boys so much. By the way, what time period is this game set in? It really feels like a 1990's sorta of environment. 

Anyways, once again, best of luck on this game., and you're doing amazing! I'll probably 99 percent buy it once it comes out in 2021. 

-Steph :)

Ah I'm really happy I tried the demo! It's really interesting so far and I really like it. My personal favorite is William so far :) I'm just excited to see what he'll be like once Dr.Hart makes him completely trust her. I can't wait for the final release of this game!

Ahh, I think I haven't commented in a few months, but hello again SweetChiel :)

It's interesting that Arya is adopted, but I'm happy he grew up with lots of love <3 >u<

Anyways, great job and best of wishes to this wonderful game!

Happy (late) Birthday SweetChiel! :D

Arya's blushing face is cute, I'm still excited to see what's under his mask! Maybe another mask?

It's a sad thing to say, but I"m starting school very soon, so I may not be able to comment or see your updates as frequently anymore. 

However, I'll still support you and this game to the fullest!

Thanks for this update, and once again, Happy Late Birthday!

Thanks for all this work being done on the game! And how could I forget the tiny pig/boar in the first chapter? xD 

I hope your rest was amazing! I'll see you when the next update comes!

Ah, sorry I'm a bit late, but I hope the earthquake didn't harm anyone! 

It's no worries if you didn't do 100 pages! 85 is still really good, and even the simple dirty wood background looks excellent!

Kaiden and Gale seem really interesting to me, I really wonder what they'll do for the story? But they look handsome ^//^

Anyways, yes! I'll be looking forward to the next update!

Phew, I'm so glad you were able to have a backup of your progress! And also, the Kahlil running sprite looks fine! :) 

Thanks for the update this week!

Hope your rest was good! <3