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Steph :)

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ahhhh this was so good <333 the story was amazing and so chaotic at the same time :^) love your games so much, batensan <3

The MC is very weird (but in a good way of course ;)) Glad to have found this game! Can tell you've put a lot of work into it

Looks amazing so far! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see this project finished.

Yes! Another update :D! 

I've started school again today, and it was quite tiring. However, coming home to this on my feed tab is a warm feeling and immediately destroys all my worries. Thank you for this update <3

- Steph :)

YAY! I'm so happy there's an update, even if it's short. Anyways, I can't wait for the next one. 

With lots of love,

Steph :)

Just wanted to take the time to say that you're amazing for creating a game like this, and I hope you don't overwork yourself or anything! Can't wait for the next update :)

Although I'm waiting for a lot of otome games/visual novels to be finished, yours will always be the main one on my list! Love your hard work and your weekly updates to readers like me :) 

Lots of love,

Steph :)

Hi, it's me again! :) I just come back to this game because I just love William and the other boys so much. By the way, what time period is this game set in? It really feels like a 1990's sorta of environment. 

Anyways, once again, best of luck on this game., and you're doing amazing! I'll probably 99 percent buy it once it comes out in 2021. 

-Steph :)

Ah I'm really happy I tried the demo! It's really interesting so far and I really like it. My personal favorite is William so far :) I'm just excited to see what he'll be like once Dr.Hart makes him completely trust her. I can't wait for the final release of this game!

Ahh, I think I haven't commented in a few months, but hello again SweetChiel :)

It's interesting that Arya is adopted, but I'm happy he grew up with lots of love <3 >u<

Anyways, great job and best of wishes to this wonderful game!

Happy (late) Birthday SweetChiel! :D

Arya's blushing face is cute, I'm still excited to see what's under his mask! Maybe another mask?

It's a sad thing to say, but I"m starting school very soon, so I may not be able to comment or see your updates as frequently anymore. 

However, I'll still support you and this game to the fullest!

Thanks for this update, and once again, Happy Late Birthday!

Thanks for all this work being done on the game! And how could I forget the tiny pig/boar in the first chapter? xD 

I hope your rest was amazing! I'll see you when the next update comes!

Ah, sorry I'm a bit late, but I hope the earthquake didn't harm anyone! 

It's no worries if you didn't do 100 pages! 85 is still really good, and even the simple dirty wood background looks excellent!

Kaiden and Gale seem really interesting to me, I really wonder what they'll do for the story? But they look handsome ^//^

Anyways, yes! I'll be looking forward to the next update!

Phew, I'm so glad you were able to have a backup of your progress! And also, the Kahlil running sprite looks fine! :) 

Thanks for the update this week!

Hope your rest was good! <3

Ahh, I'm so happy and proud! You've made so much progress over the months I started following you to see all these updates! 

Also I wonder what that prize for the mini game is ;)

Thanks for this update, once again!

Thanks for all this hard work! >w< Also can't wait to replay the demo once again to see all those polishes! 

Ahh! Great job and congratulations Sweetchiel! All your hard work has finally paid off :))!

I replayed the demo around 2 weeks ago and I still love it! <3

I love how you  make sure to update us multiple times a month :), it makes me more excited for the game!

Anyways, thank you, and be healthy!

Ah, pretty boys with abs, how beautiful! :)

Thanks for another update Sweetchiel!

Ahh I love that you work so hard on this game while making sure to take care of your health!

No worries on the delay! I'm still here to support you no matter what :)

Stay healthy and happy!

-Steph :)

Played this on my tablet and loved it :)) Great game! I wish that there were CGs though :( it would have been perfect for the good/best endings.

But still, thank you for making this!

Excuse me, but will the game be released this year or next year? :) I hope to see the game as quick as possible, but at the same time I want you to take your time so it'll be detailed and marvelous! Thank you!

Ahh! Pretty boys with abs, what a miracle!

Thanks for this delicious fanservice(mwah!) and your heart work!

Looking forward to the next update!

-Steph :) 

Yay! I love seeing that there's a new update :)

I've just been binge-watching romance anime shows lately, and that reminded me of this wonderful game.

I'm always excited to see how much closer you're getting to the final product.

Right now, I'm 75% sure that I'll buy the final game. It really depends if I can convince my parents to get it for my birthday or an early gift.

Thank you for your hard work! Keep going :)

:(( Oof, period cramps sure are the worst. However, I hope my love and support for your games and you makes the pain lessen! :) Please don't push yourself. I'll be waiting patiently for the next update!


Phew, that's good. I thought they scammed thousands of dollars tbh.

This game isn't my cup of tea, but I do like it. For me, I'm more focused and used to games that have cheesy, witty, romances (like the original XOXO droplets game for example). Although this game isn't one of my favorites, I do like it and wish you best of luck on it! 

Sincerely, Sugar~

Hi SweetChiel :D! I haven't talked to you in months, but I hope you still remember me uwu. I've been really busy with school, and although I was failing two of my classes, I was able to still get my gpa to a 3.16.  Math is really hard for me ;^;. Like I've said in the past, I am EXTREMELY excited to play your game! You have such wonderful art and really creative plots :). Anyways, school is tomorrow and my classes are going to change so I'm nervous. Keep being amazing!

Sincerely, Sugar~ uwu

Did the developers keep the money and never finish the game? If so, that's basically a scam.

Hi SweetChiel! :D 

I'm happy that you're getting more likes and activity and more recognition in general, you really do deserve it. Hope you're also getting enough rest, when I say your demo is really good, I really , really do mean it! I wonder what the good ends are like, they must be really good if it's enough to make you embarrassed (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧! 

Anyways, I have to go to sleep now, school is tomorrow (Math is hard for me)  >^< 

Can't wait to see the full game :D!

Sincerely, Sugar~!

Hi SweetChiel!

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I commented on your game like maybe around 4 or 5 months ago? Even though I am very impatient with a lot of things, yours is definitely worth waiting for! Your demo is already so amazing, I can't wait to see what the full game will be like! Anyways, keep being the amazing developer you are!

I hope I can buy the full game when it comes out! 

Sincerely, Sugar~  

Amazing :) I can't wait for the full game to come out, I love all the characters so far :D

Ahh! I just downloaded this a few days ago and at first, I was hesitating on downloading this, but after I did, I def did not regret it. The artwork, story, and characters are beautifully done, plus the guys are.....*cough cough* very cute. My favorite must be Mitra >////<, My second fav would be Reksa, and my third favorite would be Rama xD. I am very excited for your other game, I've already played the demo and I can't wait for more! 

Please update soon <3 I love your works so much