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So great, all 3 chapters!!  Hope part 2 on here soon!!

Wow the artwork put into this fun game!  Intriguing!

Great game! Hope for more sooon!!

That happened to me when I didn't have enough stars but was trying to use them.

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i need to know where the 4 statues go, this is great so far.

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I had no problem with the dials clue.  Great game.


My book had all but last # which I brute forced when I replayed slowly.

 I found when it froze up I could hit pause and it unfroze   :)

Thank you

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So inventory is 1/2 visible and not active.  The safe offers text but no puzzle or anything for opening it.  Not sure if this game is complete, but I can't do much in it.

Now it's just frozen.  Test game before publish next time please ./.

anyone get past the bingo card clue?  any leads would be helpful.  or a walkthrough

did you find a walkthrough?

what is the screwdriver password