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Very neat horror game for sure, scary atmosphere, especially loved the fact that there was no monster presence at all, and yet I was still on edge through most of the game.

For sure looking for more.

Great game, love the setting of the trailer park filled with cult-like behavior, dont see that much often, love the little subtle scares of the game, and just in general whole game. Hoping the full version will be just as amazing as this one was, looking forward to it a lot.

ps if intrested here's a little playtrough of mine (game is at the beggining)

As a massive fan of Local58 when I saw this game I knew I just had to try it, loved the fact it  that it has the exact same feel as the video, but yet it is still different enough  to make me feel just as creeped out and uneasy like the original video did, do thumbs up my dude, you did great.

ps can we get a game for "You're on the fastest available route"



if anyone intrested here's a playtrough of me (game starts at 23:45)

Very weird horror game, would've loved if it had a "proper ending" so to say, but i enjoyed it regardless, Moe's design was very simple, yet still pretty scary looking

Game starts at 16:25 if anyone is interested in my playtrough

What a fantastic game that was.Beautiful artstyle, great atmosphere, good scares (some of them got me really good, puzzles were great too, really enjoyed it overall, and I'm looking forward to whatever game you guys make next

Here's my playthrough for anyone curious

Hey there, honestly was more of a funny game then a scary one, however there were some pretty subtle spooky moments, like the guy sitting by the "I can see you note" or the note changing after you go through the kitchen a 2nd time.

All in all, enjoyed it, do love me the monsters wacky design

Video for those intrested:

Incredible game, the artstyle was what grabbed my interest in the first place, but everything else, the atmosphere, the sound design, just all of it, it was great. Also had probably one my worst jumpscares in a long time while playing. Cannot wait to have your next game out.

and here's a playtrough for anyone interested

(had to cut out the end bit sadly, only had my thoughts on the game)

Very neat game, solid spoopy atmosphere ,nice monster design too. Did prefer That Dream a tiny bit over this, but this was a great game too, Lets get rid of all that strawberry jam shall we, looking forward to future games

Here's a playtrough for anyone curious

Fantastic horror experience, enjoyed it a lot. Good atmosphere, nice setting, was hoping for a couple jumpscares but great regardless.

Yeah, I'll definietly check back again once there's new stuff, looking forward to it :D

Stay safe my dude

Game defiinietly needs more stuff added to it, and I can see it become great later down the line, still was a pretty fun, and tad bit spoopy of an experience