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Oops is cumming too early. Failing is disobeying or failing too many tasks, and having your dedication be too low by the end of the session.

> sounding devices
This is off limits as I don't want to encourage something that can potentially genuinely hurt people if they underestimate it.

> And shorter sessions to chose would be awesome.
Coming in .14

It's planned, yeah.

> Or is the voice over stuff the grunts, moans, laughs, etc, that she does?

That's correct. You can find a more thorough explanation about why there's no spoken words here: under  ''Voice Acted Dialogue''

Stable2 was just uploaded that fixes the crash bug.

Will look into the text entry thing for the next version, thanks!

It's a bug/compatibility issue I've had trouble with.

If you're playing on the downloadable version, try the web. If on the web, you could try the downloadable.

If that happens, it's unintentional.

Obviously, you do you, but yeah I can't in good conscience encourage that. Appreciate if you'd let me know (if you remember) on what task that happened.

Not currently, but I plan to eventually add a way for people to export and import game data, which would cover this.

  • The game is winderful and I plan to support it on patreon.


  • Can we get succu-chan to maybe have different hair styles and body builds?

Body builds can't happen due to animation reasons (See:

Hairstyle I plan to give it a shot later on in development, but unconfirmed.

  • Can she be a futa?

This is in the full version, yes.

  • I downloaded the android one but it says it doesn't save, I wonder what that means.

None of the demo versions save (no cross session persistence)

Thanks, will keep looking into it.

Some few devices have an incompatibility issue with the game, generally older ones (so far). Sorry for the inconvenience, there's no easy fix yet.

I'd appreciate if you could let me know what device you're trying to play on, it may help me figure it out!

I've seen this happen very rarely to some users, have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it?

Not saving progress is one of the demo's limitations, I should have made that clearer in-game, sorry.