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There is a bit of randomness to the game. This version was a demo. I'm glad you liked it.

What is the purpose of the gearbox?

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lol, fun! need multiplayer!

indeed. Glad you liked it.

It took me a moment to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, maybe be a little description of how to play? 

After I figured out to use the number keys, it was pretty simple, maybe a bit too easy, since you can basically spam the music with no ill effect. i did really enojy the music though. Well done!

short but fun!

Beautiful and simple. There's just one problem; there's no way for O to ever win. X can  take the center cube and no matter what O does, X will connect 3 unless X makes some horrible mistake. That's why tic tac toe works in a 2d board. Even Connect 4 was developed with this in mind. 

The only ways I can think of to make this fair is to add a third player or to require that the game has to be won on one of the faces and disallow the center cube as an option. 

Otherwise, nicely done. The interface is simple and easy to navigate, and it is pleasing to the eye.  

Not bad, but the numbers get covered up by the tiles, making it difficult to match clues after you start placing tiles.

I'm very intrigued, but also slightly infuriated, and a lot stumped. There are 12 items on the first corner of the board, and no real way to know how close you really are to getting it right. Can you add some sort of clue that the connection you made is correct?

This might get addictive. Make it mouse/touch friendly and you've got a winner.

Fixed that and added additional failure messages.

Hey thanks! I'll make sure to get that fixed.


It's a Caesar cypher.  Look at they key again 

Hi! I imagine this is a study game for you. Great job. I wanted to let you know about a bug I found where in I can slow down the ball by trapping it against the side of the paddle and the edge of the screen for a couple of bounces. 

If I had to guess why, I would say you're calculating the ball's new velocity after a hit based directly off of the velocity at the time of the hit. Instead, set a constant for your velocity and then multiply this with the normalized value of your new velocity after the hit. 

i.e. new Velocity = mySpeed * NewVector2.normalized;

This will keep the ball moving at a consistent speed and the performance hit from the calculation will be negligible.

Keep up the good work!

The game doesn't recognize a royal straight (not flush)

I mean, after figuring out two of the digits for sure, the other only was a matter of ten possible tries.

One of the better math games I've seen in a while. Great!

Okay, I solved your puzzles, but I have some comments:

Escape room games should not rely on external tools to solve the puzzles. In order to solve this I had to: 

  • Look up a cypher from a book (the cypher is too short to solve on its own, and there's an error in the 6th character)
  • Use a QR code reader (imagine if you were playing on your phone, you'd need another phone to read it)
  • Use a hash solver
  • reference a different alphabet (no spoiler)

Why is this a problem? Escape room games are supposed to put you in the position of the player trying to escape. Having to use external tools that the character would not have at their disposal breaks the experience. 

What did i like? Firstly, the point and click interface was pretty decent. The inventory system was easy to work. The overall feel was decent. I would have liked to have played it full screen, however. 

Also, what's the deal with the book? It has nothing to do with the game. 

All this is meant to be positive criticism. I'm am not blasting your game, but merely my opinion. 

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In fact 062 is the only solution that works given the clues. The first and second clue rule out the solution that you are looking for.

Now I do see that it is listed as a prototype...

Curious, is this unfinished? 

The lack of pictures in the booklet lead me to believe so, and maybe that's why I don't comprehend the puzzle?

Otherwise, I love the concept.

Yep, can confirm

Game is broken. Choose all vowels, AEIOU and Y and still lose. 

This is very well done. The puzzles are both simple and intricate. They take some planning to complete. Also, the thme is funny, to boot.

Check my comment

Also, Bug Report: when in focus mode, you can "click through" to the background, causing a message to appear as if you clicked on the object in the room. This does not affect gameplay.

This was fun. I got stumped a couple of times, but managed to work it all out. Here's a playthrough for anyone else who is stuck...


Very enjoyable! I found a notation error in the 3rd or 4th tune, were a c-sharp precedes a c-natural, but there's no natural sign. 

Also, it would be very helpful if the piano keys had the keyboard letters on them.

Other wise, very sweet and enjoyable.

Needs more vowels

Fun. Really would like to be able to see the entire hole before taking the first shot. Maybe a zoom in to start.

word chain is my new time sink.


The music is terrible. I mean plain awful to anyone with an ear. 

Screen shake at the end of the round is a little much. Nearly headache inducingly so. Tame it down


Good puzzles.

Cute style.

DM me if you would like some help with the music.

Cool concept! Feels a little slow. It's easy to click through emojis when they are stacked. Not sure if you meant the player to avoid those. If not, try working on some sort of z-index.

make full screen please!

much better!

Unplayable. Mouse needs to be captured in the game window. As soon as your mouse goes outside the game window, you lose control and it's impossible to get it back without throwing the game off.

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Actually, that was enough to solve that, thanks. Now incorporate that into the game.

Also, you give the prompt YYYY-MMDD on the laptop, but the hyphen is not allowed in the text box. Assuming you intended the date from the postcard, then it doesn't solve.