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Sub-Zero Squirrel

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Okay, rob1221, you've finally stumped me. Level 16 - 1 hint please

Okay, let's start with THIS IS REALLY COOL AND FUN! Excellent graphics, Awesome models, and really fun music! 

I gets really hard to see what you're doing sometimes. Perhaps, raise the direction arrow above the platform instead of on the ground. Also, allow us to rotate the camera around the room so you can see what you're doing from different angles. Things get behind other things.

Also, there doesn't appear to be any way to tell what a machine is going to produce. Two machines that look alike can produce two different products. 

Finally, trying to get the conveyers just right takes a little trial and error. Instead of clearing the whole board, let us just go back to where it was before we tested it.

AGAIN a super fun concept and incredibly well presented.

Cool concept, art , and music. Get's a little boring after a while. Perhaps allow shortened versions of the command, and or a command buffer. 

Enemies tended to all move to the bottom row after a while and stopped attacking. I went and attacked them in the end to get the game to end without killing myself. 

Your double jump is broken. You can simply fly from one end to the other.

Hello All, 

I'm so excited to see this game in a nearly completed state. I'm looking for play testers to help me balance out the mechanics a little bit, and help me find any bugs I may not have yet squashed. 

Small Towns is a board/card game that you can play in the browser of your PC or mobile device. With a very simple point and click (tap) interface, it's easy to learn, difficult to master, and infinitely re-playable. 

Every player gets the same deck daily, with a new shuffle every day, meaning you can challenge your friends for the daily high score! #MySmallTowns on Twitter to see how others are doing. 

Aside from a simple art style, and fun mechanics, I've also put a lot of work into some incredible tunes for this game. You'll want to launch the game just to listen to them on repeat!

So come on over and check it out! I'm very interested in your feedback. or click the image below.

Small Towns by Sub-Zero Squirrel

Small Towns

I would humbly request you come back and take a look at the progress I've made. I've put a ton of work into this since your first impression.

Thanks for your input. Definitely going to add some juices to the tiles upon placement. Map size is set as part of the mechanic. Maybe fewer cards per round to speed it up?

Cute, visually appealing, and fun. One button game!

cool design.

Wake up:

another great game

Playthrough for those who need help...

Always a pleasure to see a rob1221 game! Great job!

Please upload the entire unity package for this!

We implemented some changes. Check our page for details. We hope you enjoy it more now!

I went in and noodled with a couple settings after reading this and realizing you were right. Added a few more crowds and explained that hitting the floor is bad crowd surfing mojo (not health). Working on extending the intro to shift the focus over to WC instead of the original plot. The powerups give you more jump force so you can get "higher." Although I like the invicibility idea. We'll reply back if we decide to implement these changes. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback.

That damned letter. I'll probably realize what it is tomorrow. If so, it would totally be worth it to play again.

Totally stuck at level 9. Maybe that's the point? Totally worth it though. Well done!

very nice work. Loved the music and the tempo changes. Almost has a morality story feel to it.

intriguing. I was starting to expect something in the vane of "The Stanley Parable" Square tables are really hard to work. Nice tune


Would it be permissable to add another platform export at this time? Of source providing nothing is changed about the game. For example, could I add Unity WebGL still?

Hey thanks! We'll be sure to watch!

While picking u p K slashcards, one of the "CardHolders" spawned outside the playable area. I believe it was "ko." I was able to use a special to do half damage, but then he moved out of range. Eventually, he just died. I couldn't find the card after that. The level let me exit with only 4/5 cards. I could not reproduce this.

This is really great! So far the best way to immerse an alphabet translation I've seen. Great graphic style, and fun music.

The English keyboard is really difficult to work. Perhaps you might organize it in a fashion similar to the Hiragana KB, with consonants on the left stick and vowels on the right. You might have to include a vowel "consonant" for that to work. 

I had to get my Xbox controller to play this game. The KB layout frustrated me when I had to use the "right stick". Maybe it would have been better if the arrow keys were your right stick.

There are no health pickups after the first few minutes of the game. 

Finally, I found myself very sad when I couldn't enter the N level; meaning, I wanted to continue playing!

I'm looking forward to your finished product!