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I noticed that the emulator also makes a second (redundant) copy of the roms you load inside one of the folders I mentioned above, along with the save state (if you make one) and original SRAM save of the game, not using the original location of the ROM. No need to duplicate it, this is something that should be fixed, adding paths to roms you already have located somewhere else instead.

I got the W10 version of nesbox, figured I would try another emulator to see how cool it is, and I have a few questions. Where are the roms located, the Public Domain ones ? I found C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Packages\50446Nesbox.16735B73F29AD_8y3dwps6jawp4 but the PD roms are not there. Also I loaded a rom I own and it stays on that starting screen as well. Is it just a link to the original location of the rom, or does it make another copy where I can't see (along with the PD roms I mentioned above) ?