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In terms of combat:

Gwen is the "all around" character. She is pretty average in just about everything.

Syn is the "tank" character. She is slow but a physical tank and physically very powerful who later on learns some interesting support moves.

Cleo is the "glass cannon" character. She is the fastest and deals a ton of damage, but is far more fragile and defensively weaker than the rest.

Cherri (who you will get in Update 4) is the "mage" character. She has a HUGE mana poll and is the strongest magically, but her physical damage is the weakest out of all of them.

I am planning to re-balance things once the game is complete and I am always keeping feedback like this in mind. I occasionally make small tweaks in between updates based on feedback I receive as well.

Thank you! I drink plenty of water. :)

IMO, this update it where I really started to discover where the story was going and everything builds upon this next update, so it's pretty exciting!!

Game over images are extremely expensive and time consuming to commission so currently they're not in the budget. There IS a Patreon goal that, once we hit it, I will prioritize putting in the missing images.

I'll keep that in mind as a future enhancement.

So far, this game will continue to be free.

I hope you enjoy it! A lot of work is going into it everyday so I'd love to hear your feedback in the discord channel if you feel compelled.

Yea, all saves should be compatible!

Yea, in the demo they only sell a single bottle of Ramune and then are "sold out."

Oh! That reminds me, in the demo, I went to the hole in the wall to the where you can attempt to "squeeze into" and decided against it. After that, I would get the "stuck in the wall" scene the next time I was on that screen, even if I entered from the top or saw it from a game over. It only happened one time (didn't get stuck in a loop) but it was an odd bug none the less.

I never heard of live2d before, seems powerful! (Also, exporting them as frames sounds like that takes a ton of time and set up x.x )

The  battle h-animations are smooth and super well done! Worth a download just for that.

The combat leaves a lot to be desired in terms of difficulty. It seems like there is no way to heal aside from potions that sometimes drop from battle. The issue is that they don't drop enough once Sylphy joins up and you go from 1v1 encounters to 2v4+. Without some kind of level system (at least up until the demon man/slime boss) it really makes you want to avoid combat to progress but since escaping from combat is disabled, it gets frustrating quickly. Grinding is just not worth anything. Maybe I missed some sort of store to buy more consumables?

Interested in seeing how this one grows and wish you the best of luck!

But of course! Nothing gets past my developer eye!

Has a very Bondco feel, so if people like Hostage Hotel they will like this too. I am interested in seeing some real gameplay but what's there is a great start.

One complaint, the game says "Residents of Evilville" but the game takes place is "Trash Panda City"... Well, which is it? Do they live in Evilville or Trash Panda (lol) City?! Broken lore 0/10... just teasing ;)

Hi Michael! The previous person said that there was something in the thread about "running the game from the nwjs file" that should be in the folder. I suggest giving that a try and let me know if that works for you.

Awesome! :)

I'm happy you were able to figure it out and I hope you enjoy Lustfall.

Hi synthesis! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It seems like the Mac OS doesn't want the file to be able to overwrite its own saves. Try the following solution:

"To fix this, you'll have to allow the game to adjust files.

This should be able to be done in the steps:

1.) Navigate to the game.exe file.

2.) Right click the file, and select "Show Info"

3.) Open the "permissions" section

4.) Adjust the settings for it to be able to both write and read files."

I found the solution here after a quick google search:

Thanks and enjoy!

I appreciate the kind wishes and thank you for giving it a try!