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No problem! I just added a digital version where everything is right side up. I didn't think about it at the time because I am mostly just uploading the stuff that I am using in my own games.

Despite having my own little lockpicking procedure I find this very interesting. I am having trouble parsing some of the text though. 

What do you mean by:

 "until the rounds are over" 

"sets them in order left to right"

"The picklock can guess one other pindie's value"

I think I know what you mean but it's a bit unclear.

I'm glad you like it, thanks!

Thanks! Let me know if you get the chance to use it!

I'm currently planning a pirate campaign and finding this really inspiring. Not only will the island fit into my wavecrawl perfectly but the shanties are brilliant! I'm already feeling inspired to make up some shanties of my own. Great stuff!

who doesn't love a giant snail?

I think your drawings look good, actually.

Wow! Thank you!

This is really good! Your paint skills are on point.