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Yeah, there's not much in it yet. I'll add gameplay soon! 

Thanks for the feedback .

Mind if I get a copy? If so, I can run windows just fine, but if it is tennable, a linux release would be ideal. Thanks :)

Oh yeah, I was testing out downloading file using javascript on the web build, to allow for users to save/use custom color packs in the future. Forgot to turn that off lol, sorry.

As for the squares, they go pop!

Yeah, time limits and big scope don't go hand in hand. I'll be doing an update on this to finish making what we fully envisioned for the game, thanks for the feedback, it very much helps!

The one criticism I'm not too sure about, as far as to how to really handle, is the transition timing between entering/exiting pods/modules, as part of the game intent is that it is *difficult* to manage a 7-person ship as only 1 unit. Walking between stations is something you have to do as a single unit. Wouldn't need to worry about operating separate stations as a full crew. Maybe there's better ways handling this sort of difficulty-design, I just couldn't think of much better during the jam time, but always open to ideas. 

Awesome game, the ending was fucking incredible

I feel you pain lol, best of luck :)

Game doesn't seem to run for me, here's output hoping it helps :)

Linux version wasn't packaged correctly, it's missing the pck file and as such I can't play the game :(

Hey, what would the license be upon purchase? 

Yeah, the menus were there for when we eventually add the other stuff, which we didn't get to in time for this jam. Sorry :(

I hope to see this finished one day <3

Yeah, I forgot to take out some controller code, sorry!

For sure, but ya know, *time*. lol

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The code combo is a fantastic idea. I'd have loved for the game to continue to get progressively faster. Super slick visuals by the way.

Really creative, I like it.

Great atmosphere and aesthetic! It oddly reminds me of's work.

Hey, thanks for that, really appreciate the positivity of it :)

I have such a talented team of people helping move this forward; we're going to keep working on it and I just hope I can keep up with the rest of the team to make something pretty and worth experiencing.

The music is in wav, which is about 99% of the download size. We've now changed to a new format to downsize this issue.

Just updated the zip to contain the missing dll file, I'm so sorry :'(

Thanks for letting me know and showing pics, I really appreciate it! :)