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Wow has it really been a decade?!

Great as usual! ^_^

Dang, I just saw the notification for the sale and it ended like 40 minutes ago. Eh, I can spend $2 on it.

great game, decent for speedrunning, the way the movement can just stop all of the sudden takes away from the speedrunning aspect, but besides that it's pretty fun.

also, there's an fps counter on "wllpprs, vol.1\0N0W - 2018\Colorfiction_0n0w (3)_1.jpg" AND HOW ARE YOU GETTING 536 FPS?!

How do you do this? And also very cool!

It's fine, I'm just going to have to actually save money for the first time in my life.

Noooo! minimum price is $1 so it exceeds the $0.55 in my broke paypal!

Very unique and interesting! I'd like to see these graphics used in a game.

It's pretty fun to play, but it's also really frustrating. I played for over an hour and couldn't even start building a base, I'm probably just bad at the game though.

I love the art style and aesthetic of it, can't wait to see the game you make from this.

I don't have a vr headset but even just playing it on pc is quite fun, the first thing I did was press all the buttons on my keyboard and I ran into the console, you can imagine what I did.

Okay never mind, I just have to to change my display size every time I want to play the game, and there should be sounds when you get hit and some way to notify you when your health is low, like in other game where your screen goes red when you have low health. Just some suggestions if you're still working on the game.

It's very addictive, the problem is that the game window opens at the bottom right of my screen and I can't move it, so I can't see anything at the bottom of my screen, but that's probably just a me problem. Oh and also I have no idea how to buy stuff from the shop thing at the start. Great game though.