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Having a sort of notepad to write on in-game is a neat idea.

I truly enjoyed this demo. The characters were all such sweethearts!

it does?

The hole is a fine addition, it really completes the experience for me.
It makes the game.... *hole*

That was really charming. thanks for making it!

I like your illustrations, they're very fun and cool. I can't put my exact thoughts into words but that's also what the text is all about, no?

Well, that was a fun read.

hmmm, a beautiful Visual composition, a side of interesting characters, And such Juicy sound effects! exquisite. Just divine.

I rate this meal 5/5 stars.

Cool side project.

I feel like a worthy addition would be a zoom function.
Would be useful to view them from further distances to see if they're still readable.

Hello there, Styno here.

I need inspiration to get in the mood for this jam.

I'm sort of uncultured when it comes to music.
The songs I do hear are played on a radio I did not choose to turn on.
Could you suggest some good starting points for, let's say punk rock?
Just a band or genre that emits "creative freedom and expression," because that's the vibe this jam is giving off.

It could also be visual inspiration: punk imagery, avant-garde fine art, alt-fashion, etc..

perhaphs it would be best if this was a thread for sharing such inspiration in line with the theme of the jam.
So everyone could this use it as a source to base their entry off?

I've recently joined the jam. and I have a few questions.
Is it a legal to have multiple mini zines as part of your game?(example:character classes are each one zine).
And what is the limit on additional components, like character sheet and such?

Thank you.

It was a wonderfull, atmospheric experience.

Well, Can't really give feedback on an unfinished game, but good work so far.

Good job making your first game! yeah, it has flaws, but atleast you finished it!

It's no problem! :)

While I'm not a visual novel expert, I can tell a lot of love and care went into this demo. 

First of all: The art is gorgeous! The several backdrops are well crafted and really create atmosphere. The characters are drawn really nice aswell, especially the non-human characters. Finally, I really dig the look of the ui and menus, they're simple, yeah, but in a professional looking way.

The music was also a pleasant surprise. From the moment you boot the game up and hear the calming, yet forboding, title screen music until the tense moments. While I won't listen to it outside of the game, It is generally very pleasant to listen to while you enjoy the story.

speaking of the story: I find the writing decent, although I found a few typos during my playthrough.(I was playing the english version) It's good enough to hold my intrigue and I'm looking forward to what you make of this game!

That pixel art is nice!  I do wish you made more than one tree though, their placement looks very artificial. 

This... Is actually really good! It's simple, but the story is  interesting enough to make you keep playing.