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How do you save??

Good game. You sit at a computer and answer yes or no questions. There is only one ending I know of and you get it regardless of your answers. This is kinda a missed opportunity to build in secret endings and such. Also, pls let us change the mouse sensitivity, my mouse was barely moving at all. Still the atmosphere is good and I really liked the game. 

I was surprised when the game thought "Workaccount" is my name, but still a very smart idea to creep the user out like that.

I played on the app on Mac Os and it worked.

I am sad to hear that the prototype won’t be updated anymore. This game wasn’t what I was expecting. I expected to just run into a room and easily slaughter everyone. But you actually have to take it slow and tactical. I wish there was like an invincibility cheat or something cuz playing the same lvl for 20 min gets frustrating. There aren’t even checkpoints after a room. An upgrading system for health and speed would be great. That way you don’t have to grind stupid achievements.

Good game tho, music kicks ass

Please fix, it looks really fun.

Please give us the option to change our mouse sensitivity. My mouse was barely moving at all.

A great horror puzzle game, but wayy to short. The puzzles were pretty clever, the hints are good. But the was a bit strange. The chat could call you out on wrong solutions and bad ideas.

Overall a cool experience, please make more.

The game looks great, but aiming feels chanky. And for the love of god, please let us rebind the keys. 

It doesn't work on Mac. When is start it up I only get a black screen.

As a German, I share your opinion. The Verfassungsschutz is probably gonna view me as a nazi for saying this, but this was fun. The German translation was good, the design was great.

Cool ideas in the game, ok performance on a potato mac laptop. What disappointed me a bit was that the buildings weren't destroyable. Also some upgrades would be nice. I would love it when you could explode your package and at the end of the timer your car could explode. This would be a funny upgrade.

For everyone wondering what this game is, it is a very short visual novel about death, god and chairs.

I see that this game is in a very rough state.  It is not consistent with the art style and lacks an beginning and an ending.  There were some grammatical mistakes but these aren't important (English isn’t my first language too).

The game was very short and quite predictable. His moves followed the same pattern. I would have loved a better build up and some more choices such as sparing him or losing intentionally. 

Maybe also add age warning, you might end up traumatising some kids, lol. 

*Him. Its a boy. Well it was a boy.

I think the wizard dude can be great for early game, cuz the gamble can be worth it.