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stupidboy <3

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the mac version isnt working for me :/

love this game!!!

loved this game!! it was so fun getting all the different endings, and i loved how they were all connected!!!! definitely trying out some of your other games rn :))

I did simons route and it was sooo fun

i love jaxter sm omgg

This is pretty good :>

this was really fun!

this game is very good :)

cool game

i love this game so much!!

i loved this game so much! the ending made me sad though.. <3

i love this game so much!! <3

this game was epic! i liked how there weren't really any jumpscares, but you get this sense of dread (because of the sounds..) i got the good ending, and i will definitely be playing again to get the bad ending. thank you so much for making it! <3

this is epic!! it keeps me entertained during school, ( ^∇^)

i love this game :]

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i haven't been able to beat this game yet, but its very good. thank you for making it! you should definitely continue making games. <3333 

this is a great recipe! i think i might try it soon :]