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It works in other games I've tried it with.

It's an Xbox 360 controller.

Few games have made me laugh this hard, even though it was so short. I spent a solid minute trying to figure out how I was supposed to break the prisoner out of jail before I realized how obvious it was!

Mac build doesn't work with a gamepad (the bindings are totally borked).

I think it would be good to be able to use the low intensity palette(s) instead. It would be just as challenging (you still have only 4 colors), but could be a better fit for some games. Just my two cents.

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It's possible to climb vines without the powerup by pressing the down key. I thought it was just a weird control scheme at first, but it turns out it was a bug.

Overall it's quite a well put together game. There are lots of adorable little details, like how the slimes still sit there and blink occasionally even after you burn them (though it sounds horrific when I say it like that).

However, the boss slime is a bit of a let-down. It's designed such that when you jump over it (or next to it), there's always a high random chance that it will shoot fire in a pattern you can't avoid no matter what you do, causing you to die instantly at no fault of your own. In general, putting an extremely difficult section right at the end of an otherwise easy and laid back game is almost always a bad idea, as it will just serve to frustrate and alienate most players. Especially in this case because, as far as I can tell, the boss seems to be invincible. If it's not, then give it a health bar, or at least some indication that I'm actually doing damage.

Inis only shows up as a solid magenta screen for me (on mac). I can hear myself jump though, so I assume it's just the graphics that are broken.