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I'm glad you like it! We're working on it pretty slowly. But Jaime and I talk about it frequently. Hopefully I can make a "this is how stuff is going" post this weekend.

Vince (probably) final log


-We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse

-various vocaloid tracks

-various Prof tracks

The editing process was fine tuning at this point, rewording some stuff for clarification, polishing some details etc. The only major change was a branching dialogue bit towards the end that got added. Other than that I'm leaving this in Jaime's very capable hands. I can't wait to see the whole product outside of my script, as I've only seen bits of it right now. This has been a wild ride and I'm really happy they asked me to hop on this project. Hopefully the bits we have come out alright and we continue working on it. Good luck to everyone in the final stretch of your games! I hope you enjoy ours!

And for the (maybe) final time;

Thanks for reading,


Vince Log

Music over the past few days;

-Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy

-This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About by Modest Mouse

-Kikuo Miku 2 by Kikuo

-Handshakes with Snakes by Apathy

-various other tracks/bits of albums

Got a lot of writing done in the past few days, all of the characters have been introduced, and all of Vi's/Bea's scenes are done. Jaime talked to me about only having a really good first few scenes and that the whole first chapter would be a lot, which I agree with. Because of this I've taken to polishing and editing what's already there instead of finishing off the initial chapter. After taking a day or two off from writing over the weekend I found some lines that didn't really work (often dumb jokes/references), and some lines were confusing on the first read. Even if I've read the script over a bunch what matters is the first read--if the reader doesn't get it on their first time the impact's probably lost. Obviously there's a lot to be said for subtly in a script but if the wording itself doesn't make sense then that needs to be fixed. Still a good chunk of editing to be done, and a lot of talking to Jaime about what is working for us and what isn't. Also when the editing needs to stop so they can put the final version in the game.

Thanks again for reading,


Vince Log 2

Today's Music;

-'Without My Enemy What Would I Do' by Made in Heights

-'I Don't Think It Is' by Say Anything

-'Human After All' by Daft Punk

-a hodgepodge of other songs/bits of albums

Today was mostly about making the big picture outline. I made the outline for the entire first chapter. Whether we get that done remains to be seen, but I hope we'll get a good chunk in. A lot of talking to Jamie about what will/won't work, what flags should be used, how many flags, etc. There was talk of combination point/flag system. If we want the whole good/neutral/bad ending. For now it's looking like one 'flag' for each potential love interest and then a final choice which will later cement your route.

I'd say as far as the script is concerned we're coming to the first flag. Now that the skeleton's done I can hit the ground running with the rest of the writing. After a break I'll write through the first flag and then at least have an establishing scene with the second love interest. The optimist in me says that I should write through the scene with the last love interest. We'll see.

Thanks so much for reading,


Vince Log 1/Overview

Today's music;

-Angel Beats soundtrack

-A potluck of spotify playlists (with things like Crystal Castles, P.O.S, The Dear Hunter, and John Coltrane)

Writing, per usual. Nothing too interesting, was pretty hype to get sketches today. The way I thought of the characters was a little different, but Jamie's concept art is pretty sweet. I'm a big fan of all their sketches so far, but especially liked how Vi, Michelle, and Beatrice looked. I gave Jamie pretty vague descriptions and they all look unique and bold, which is cool. The Horsemen are neat spins on the people who played them in the stage show, which was cool to see. Having visuals is really great, helps both of us with the process (them more than me, obviously).

As far as the big picture, it's basically getting out as much of a rough draft as I can until the two of us feel like the first chapter is fine. Then it'll be a whole lot of editing. Probably a week or so of writing and then spend the next few days editing. I'm one of those people who edit as I go too (write a page or two, chill, read and reread, edit) so we'll see.

The beginning of the writing process was making the cast; which are the characters you've seen from the concept art. The Horsemen were a given but we needed to flesh them out more--in the original play the were a little too flat considering it was only had a 10-15 minute run time. I was sure that I wanted to do either Leviathan/Behemoth/Ziz for one of the love interests but I figured Leviathan would be the most fun to work with. I originally considered just having those three be the love interests but that felt like a cop out. Michelle is just a take on the archangel Michael, and Beatrice is....a mystery, I guess. It's not too hard to figure out what she's from if you've seen a particularly bad anime with Steve Blum. ;)

Rest of the writing has just been putting on music and seeing where it goes, there's a kind of outline we've talked about but most of it will just be seeing what fits. I've been looking for album recommendations while I write, so if you dig music lemme know.

Thanks for reading this wall of text,