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The game got good graphic (remind me of telltale) and the animals are really cute. Gameplay got a lot of mechanic from the phone to fishing and gifting. Although the jam making is really easy but it's still fun to memorize and read the text that pops up. A good game to play after a tense day. But I did notice two bugs. The first one the jam don't get made after I click the make button and the second one the customer just walk out immediately after getting to the counter so the jam doesn't register then I get bad reviews for the day. Maybe it's a one time thing, but I just want to give a head up. Cool game anyway, 8/10. Also, I did a looksie at it: 

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This game is a good horror to experience. The jumpscares are quite more sudden than I expected and actually freak me out. The ambience got the 'after hour' and emptiness feel to it, makes it more uncanny and unsettling. The graphic and attention to details are very good, adds a little immersion to the game. Also, the monster reminds me of Dimitrescu from RE. The downside I see is the objectives are unclear and don't make much sense, especially the last one to get to the end but no spoilers so I won't say. And the building seems unfinish in a way so yeah. I see a 7/10 from this game. Oh, I also did a video of this game: 

The game has a real unique concept, like Goat Simulator but as a dino bird that can eat things and a camera view that shows more of the world. Even though it's still in alpha there's so much here already from creatures to abilities and collectibles, makes me wonder what's more to come. Right now, the thing I feel a little bit weird and clunky is the glide mechanic or maybe I'm doing it wrong. I see a 6.75/10 from a first look at this alpha build. Oh, I also did a video of it:

A cool simple horror game. Essentially a water getting game that has tasks to do between getting water. Very polygonic graphic and the ambience is very reflective of going out to get water in real life with the fears of demons eating you. And the monster is really simple but still makes you feel unease. But the downside is that there's still a stretchy floor near the parent's room and the jumpscares are really predictable. Still a good game to experience, 7.25/10. I also took a look at it: 

Yeah, it's still good tho,  and there's still a long time and chances to improve

This horror game has a combat mechanic where you can fight back to the monster. Haven't seen that in a while so it makes this game more tense. The retro style and polygonic adds to the flavor of the game too. Also it has a dog so it's even better. The downside I see is the enemies are too simple to defeat, they just banzai charge you. With the normal enemies it's fine but I kinda expected the boss to have like a lunge attack or be able to call reinforcement but he just charge you a little quicker. So quite a bummer. But I like it anyway, I see 8.25/10 of this game. Oh, I also did a play of it: 

This game has a really good atmosphere to be a horror game. The fog, the pixel, the  silence. But it's not, this game has only one singular jumpscare in it and it's pretty cliche as well. The thing that makes this game great is the story of it, it tells a story through all the memories and the ghosts that haunts the premise. And that story is a solemn and sad one, but simple enough that it's relatable and you could see it happening in real life everyday, that's what makes it great. This game is a 8.25/10 in my eyes. Also, I took a look at it: 

A weird but quite funny game. Essentially a objects finder game but with the characters cartoonish disproportionate style and the phone calls with silly humor it makes the game way more interesting. The game is also very fast paced and it's really confusing at first but when you get the gist of it it'll get better. I think it's a really fun game to play once in a while when you don't have much time. It's a 7.75/10 game for me. I also did a looksie at the game but it's quite fast and disorienting: 

A very short horror experience. Not much scary, just quite surprising. The pixelated style looks amusing and add a slight atmosphere to the game. Good to experience (not much playing as it's simple as pushing a button) if have 2 minutes to spare. Overall, a 6/10 experience. I also did a little looksie at it: 

This game really depend much on jumpscares to be be spooky and horror, which I guess can be a blast from the past as all horror games now have chasing enemies. The game has a really dark and claustrophobic atmosphere with a lot of corners which is perfect for a chase scene but there is none which is bummer. The monster looks kinda silly up close but still has it's own creepiness. The graphic is very good definitely and even paid attentions to details with the feet. Overall, a decent horror game with jumpscares type that I've seen much back in the days, 7.25/10. Oh, I also did a playthrough of the game: 

It has a very SCP vibe to it. It's a slide but everytime you go down it more madness ensues. The pixelated style add to the unsettling aura of things and the vent crawling section definitely gets you tense up. It's also mysterious and makes you confused in the latter part of the game, but that's part of the appeal of it. The downside is the ultimate scare is kinda cliche, I'll give it a 7.5/10. I made a video checking out the game as well:

The game is not quite that scary, but still slightly unnerving. Definitely have the mysterious vibe to it and the pixelated style just makes it better. Although the game is a bit short and I didn't get to watch the full movie at the start of the game, quite a bummer. Still love it tho, 7/10 game. I made a video checking the game out as well: 

I absolutely love this game. Love the hand drawn style of it, love the abstractness of it and love the information from it. Truly let me learn about the culinary art of the British people and ways of a British man. 7/10, would put the dog in the tea again. Oh, I also did a playthrough of the game, here it is if curious: