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We just want to let you know that Flickblocks is now available on Quest !
You can get it directly form Applab.

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We just want to let you know that Flickblocks is now available on Quest !
You can get it directly from Applab.

Thanks again for your support :)

Thanks a lot for your kind words :)
Like you, we'd love to provide a native build for Quest. Fortunately we are still looking into it and we put time for that whenever we have the opportunity.
We cannot provide you an ETA but we'll make sure to announce it here and on our socials.

Goo to know, thanks for the tip :)
We'll try to remember pinging you if we do the update.

This prototype was made with a old version of the Oculus SDK (before the release of the Quest) so I highly doubt that it would work on the Quest.

Cool, glad you liked it :)

It's a kind of a 3D grid made of triggers and collisions. When placing a block in the grid we use a "virtual copy" aligned in the grid. We use this copy to check for the correct final placement of the block.
Bear in mind this prototype has been made in just a  few weeks so it might not be the best way to achieve this.

We don't have pulbic documentation for this project but we may be able to answer some of your questions.

What kind of information are you looking for ?

Sorry, for the late answer as I was busy recently.

So, the level selection should looks like this :

Are you playing through the Oculus App or SteamVR ?
The game was developed using SteamVR, so it might not work properly if you are using the Oculus API.

Which VR platform are you using ?
Are you able to close your fist with the trigger button ?

To break the images, you have to punch (even slightly) them while holding the trigger button.
Does the images break correctly ?

Sorry for the late reply.
You need to punch the images at the start to load a level.

Thank you for your feedback !
Sadly the project isn't under active development. We will make to keep you posted if some development happens ;)