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Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Thanks for trying the game out, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for your feedback Jordan.

Ideally I would have liked more items in the house too, for example there are no lightswitches which I really regret not including, plus the lack of items on shelves. With some more time, or possibly in a future revision I'd definitely add more.
I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the game and it means a lot that you'd take the time to give more detailed feedback as it will help me create better games in the future.

Thanks for playing, hope you had a good time!

Thanks for checking out the game, glad you had a good time.

Thanks for taking the time to play, hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing Rod, hope you had a good time.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing, glad you liked it!

We're all super glad you liked it, and thanks for making a video about it!